RFID Chip in Human Body; NY-based Artist Does Exactly That

August 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

New York based artist Anthony Antonellis has created the world’s first Net art implant by implanting an RFID chip into his hand. With this chip that is the size of a grain of sand, he can send data directly to his Android handset.

Antonellis had implanted the chip via a tiny incision between his thumb and index finger with a 0.75-inch blade. Meanwhile, the chip was enclosed in a tiny piece of glass with antenna that can pick up signals through his skin.

He can upload new artwork to the chip, and can store JPEGs, ASCII art, MIDI files, GIFs and favicons.


According to Antonellis, the chip works with mobile phones and card readers and to be used to distribute artwork. Therefore he is using it for a public purpose instead private.

He also added that he is going to have artists to create different work to be on here, because he wants some kind of digital Net art tattoo. But unfortunately, this chip can only transfer information rather actually displaying it.

Antonellis is currently working on an Android and then an iOS app, so that it can pair with his RFID chip.

So guys, what do you think about this RFID chip in a human body ?

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