How to Close Apps on Your iPhone 8 Plus Quickly and Efficiently

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The iPhone 8 Plus is a great device that allows you to do many things at once, but it can be difficult to know how to properly close apps. Closing apps in the correct way can help improve your battery life, free up memory, and make switching between apps easier.

One of the most common ways to close apps on the iPhone 8 Plus is by double-tapping the Home button. This will bring up the App Switcher, which shows all of your open apps in thumbnail form. To close an app, simply swipe up on its thumbnail. You can also use 3D Touch to close an app: press firmly on its thumbnail and then drag it upwards off of the top of the screen.

Another way to close apps is through the App Library. The App Library is a new feature introduced with iOS 14 that makes it easier to find and organize all of your apps into different categories. To access it, just swipe left from your home screen until you get to the App Library page. From here, you can scroll down to see all of your open apps listed under “Recent Apps” or “Open Apps” categories. To close one simple tap and hold its icon until a popup appears with an option to “Close App” which you can select.

Finally, if you want to quickly close all of your open apps at once without having to do them individually, you can use split view or slide-over multitasking features built into iOS 14. To use split view, open two supported apps side-by-side then swipe down from the top right corner of either app window while holding down on them with two fingers until they both start jiggling and show a little red circle in their top corners – this indicates that they are ready for closing by tapping on those circles or swiping them offscreen like previously mentioned above for individual app closing. If using slide-over multitasking mode instead just swipe up from the bottom edge of either side’s window while still keeping two fingers pressed down until both windows appear jiggled and have red circles – again these are ready for closing via tapping or swiping offscreen as mentioned before.

closing apps on iPhone 8 Plus isn’t too difficult if you know what methods work best for you – whether it be double-tapping the home button, using 3D touch, or utilizing split view/slide-over multitasking features as explained above!

How to Close Apps on Your iPhone 8 Plus Quickly and Efficiently 1

Closing Apps on an iPhone 8 Plus Without the Home Button

To close an app on your iPhone 8 Plus without the home button, you’ll need to use the App Switcher. To access the App Switcher, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to just below the center, holding for a second and then letting go. You should then see a row of screenshots overlapping each other, representing all of your open apps. Swipe right or left through your apps and swipe up on the app you want to close. This will close that particular app and take you back to the Home Screen.

Lack of Close All Apps Button on iPhones

The iPhone does not have a close all apps button because apps that are not on the screen are suspended within seconds of looking away. This suspension is equivalent to closing the app, but iOS does not actually purge the app until resources are needed, so it can be quickly relaunched in the future. Therefore, there is no need for a close all apps button.

Should I Close Apps on My iPhone or Leave Them Open?

It is generally better to leave apps open on your iPhone, as they are designed to remain in a low-power state while running in the background. Closing an app can actually have a negative effect on your battery life and performance, as it will have to start from scratch each time you launch it. Furthermore, apps that are running in the background can continue to provide useful services such as receiving location updates or playing music. If an app is not functioning correctly or using too much energy, then you can consider closing it from the quick-launch screen.

The Impact of Leaving Apps Open in the Background on Battery Life

Yes, leaving apps open in the background does drain your battery. When you leave an app running in the background, your phone will periodically refresh it in order to keep it up-to-date. This process uses your phone’s battery and data, even when you’re not actively using the app. To conserve battery life, it’s best to close any apps that you are not actively using.


In conclusion, closing apps on your iPhone 8 Plus is not recommended. Doing so prevents iOS from running as intended, wastes power by forcing apps to reload for no reason, and makes switching between apps less convenient. You can still close an app if you need to free up memory, but it is best to avoid doing this regularly. If you want to close all of your tabs in a Tab Group at once, you can do so by touching and holding the Done tab and selecting Close All Tabs.

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