How To Turn Off JLab GO Air

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How To Turn Off JLab GO Air 1
How To Turn Off JLab GO Air

The JLab Go Air wireless earbuds have swiftly become a go-to choice for many, thanks to their remarkable combination of extended battery life, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and a comfortable fit that ensures they stay secure through all your daily activities. 

Whether you’re grooving to your top songs or staying updated with the latest podcasts, or making calls, the JLab Go Air earbuds stand out for their convenience and quality. However, understanding the nuances of power management is crucial to get the most out of these earbuds. 

Properly turning off your earbuds conserves battery life and prevents accidental power drain, ensuring your earbuds are ready to go when you are. 

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JLab GO Air

Instructions: Turning Off JLab Go Air

Turning off your JLab GO Air earbuds is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps. Whether you’re looking to save battery or just need to power them down, here’s how you can do it:

1. Bluetooth Disconnect: Start by disconnecting the earbuds from your device. Go into your device settings, find the Bluetooth section, and select the JLab GO Air. Then, choose to disconnect or unpair.

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Instructions: Turning Off JLab Go Air

2. Using the Charging Case: Place the earbuds back into their charging case for an automatic power-off. This turns them off and starts recharging them for your next use.

3. Manual Power-Off: You can manually turn off the earbuds if you don’t have the charging case nearby. Hold down the power button on each earbud for a couple of seconds. You’ll notice a confirmation beep or observe a light indicator that they are turning off.

Troubleshooting JLab Go Air Power Issues

Sometimes, your JLab GO Air earbuds might not turn off as you’d expect, which can be a bit of a head-scratcher. If you’re running into power issues, don’t worry; we’ve got some troubleshooting steps to help sort things out.

First off, it’s a good idea to check the charging case battery level. If the case doesn’t have enough juice, it might not properly signal the earbuds to turn off. Make sure the case is charged up so it can do its job.

Next up, try a Bluetooth disconnect. Sometimes, if your earbuds are still connected to your device, they might resist powering down. Navigate to your device’s Bluetooth settings and manually unpair the earbuds. This can help signal to them that it’s time to take a break.

If those steps don’t fix the issue, a soft reset might be in order. It’s a simple process that can clear up minor glitches without losing any of your settings or data. You can usually perform a soft reset by holding down the power button on the earbuds for a certain period, but it’s best to check your manual for the exact method for your model.

If you are still at a standstill, it’s the moment to bring in the experts. Reach out to customer support. JLab’s team is ready to help with more complex troubleshooting and can guide you through the next steps to get your GO Air earbuds working correctly again. 

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Troubleshooting JLab Go Air Power Issues

JLab Go Air Battery Life and Charging

When it comes to JLab GO Air, it’s good to know the battery life of these earbuds and the additional juice the charging case provides. Typically, the earbuds themselves offer around 5 hours of playtime, which is pretty solid for earbuds of this size. 

But when you factor in the charging case, you’re looking at an additional 15 hours of battery life. That’s like having your tunes ready for a couple of days of heavy usage or even longer if you’re a casual listener.

Wondering about the battery level? JLab has made it easy with LED indicators on the case, giving you a heads-up on the charge status at a glance. If you’re into tech and like to keep tabs on things via your smartphone, the JLab app provides detailed battery info, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard by a low battery.

Now, let’s talk about charging time. Getting your JLab GO Air earbuds back to full charge takes about 1.5 hours. The case itself charges up in just under 2 hours. And if you’re in a rush, the fast charging feature is a lifesaver, offering about an hour of listening time from just 15 minutes of charging. 

For those keen on battery optimization, ensuring your earbuds and case are charged but not overcharged is key to maintaining their longevity. Keeping an eye on the LED indicators or using the JLab app can help manage this effectively.

Maintaining Your JLab GO Air 

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Maintaining Your JLab GO Air 

Keeping your JLab GO Air earbuds clean is not just about hygiene; it’s essential for maintaining top-notch sound quality and ensuring your earbuds last longer. 

Cleaning JLab Go Air earbuds regularly helps prevent earwax buildup, which can muffle sound and reduce the effectiveness of your earbuds. Plus, it’s a significant part of earbud maintenance that keeps your devices hygienic and safe for use.

For safe cleaning, you’ll want to use gentle, non-abrasive cleaning tools. A soft, dry, lint-free cloth is perfect for wiping the exterior. To tackle the nooks and crannies, especially where earwax might accumulate, a soft-bristled brush or a dry toothbrush will do the trick without causing any damage. 

Pay special attention to the mesh screens and any ports, being careful not to let debris fall inside the earbuds.

It’s important to remember that while JLab GO Air earbuds have water resistance, they’re not waterproof. Avoid using liquids directly on them to prevent water damage. Instead, slightly dampen your cloth if necessary, ensuring it’s well wrung out before touching your earbuds. Never submerge them in water.

Customizing Your JLab Go Air Fit

Getting the perfect earbud fit is crucial, not just for comfort but also for the best sound quality. When you unbox your JLab Go Air, you’ll notice it comes with multiple ear tips sizes. Here’s where customization really shines. The goal? To find that secure fit that feels almost like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Start by trying on the medium-sized tips, as they’re the standard go-to for most. If they don’t feel quite right, switch up the sizes. You’re looking for a fit that seals the ear canal just right—this means no external noise slipping through, and your earbuds staying put, even when you’re moving around a lot. 

A good fit shouldn’t cause discomfort; rather, it should feel snug and secure, enhancing your listening experience by delivering rich, full-bodied sound directly into your ears.

Using JLab Go Air Controls

Mastering the touch controls on your JLab GO Air earbuds can elevate your listening experience to new heights, whether you’re enjoying your favorite tunes, handling calls, or summoning your voice assistant with ease. Here’s a quick user guide to assist you in maximizing your earbuds.

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Using JLab Go Air Controls

For music playback, double tapping on the right earbud starts or stops your music. When it comes to call control, answering or hanging up calls is just a tap away. A single tap on one of the earbuds will pick up an incoming call or hang up an ongoing one. This means you can stay connected without ever reaching for your phone.

Volume adjustment is equally intuitive. To turn the volume up, just tap on the right earbud once. If you need to lower the volume, single-tap the left earbud. This quick gesture keeps you in control of your audio environment, ensuring your music always plays at the perfect level. Activating your voice assistant is just easy, double tap your left earbud.


Whether you’re placing them back in their case or using the touch controls, turning off your earbuds is a simple step that plays a big role in maintaining their battery life and ensuring they are ready to use for your next listening session.

Remember, properly managing the power-off process for your earbuds is more than just a ritual; it’s an essential practice that helps extend the lifespan of your earbuds and keeps them performing at their best. 

By ensuring your JLab Go Air earbuds are turned off when not in use, you’re not only saving battery life but also making sure they’re always ready-to-use the moment you need them.

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