How To Transfer Live Photos From iPhone To Pc

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As an iPhone user, you’re probably familiar with Live Photos — the feature that captures a few extra seconds of movement and sound after you take a picture. These short clips can add a unique touch to your photos, but if you want to share them on your PC or with friends and family, it’s not always easy to do. Fortunately, there are several ways to transfer Live Photos from your iPhone to your computer.

One way is by using the Photos app on your iPhone. Open the Photos app and select Albums at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down and tap Live Photos under Media Types. Choose a photo you want to save as a video and tap the Share button. Scroll down and choose Save as Video — this will save it as a MOV file which can be easily transferred to your computer.

If you want just the still image of your Live Photo without any motion or sound, you can do that directly in the Photos app by tapping Edit in the upper right corner of your photo, then selecting Done in the bottom right corner. This will save it as a JPEG file which can also be transferred to your PC.

Another option is to use EaseUS MobiMover — a free tool for transferring data from an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad directly to your computer without having to use iTunes or iCloud. With MobiMover installed on both devices, all you need is a USB cable and you’ll be able to transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, and more between them quickly and easily. It even supports transferring Live Photos as MOV files so that you can view them on other devices or share them online with ease.

Finally, if neither of those options appeals to you then there’s always AirDrop — Apple’s wireless file-sharing system that lets two compatible Apple devices send files back and forth over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections without having to go through cables or cloud storage services like iCloud Drive or Dropbox. To use AirDrop for transferring Live Photos from one device (your iPhone) to another (your Mac), make sure both devices have AirDrop settings enabled before sending photos from one device to another by tapping Share > AirDrop > Select Device Name > Send (the photo).

No matter which method you choose for transferring Live Photos from iPhone to PC, they should now be available on both devices for viewing and sharing with friends and family!

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Can Live Photos Be Transferred to a PC?

Yes, Live Photos can be transferred to a PC. To do this, open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and select the Live Photo you would like to transfer. In the right pane, select the PC folder where you want to transfer your Live Photo. Drag and drop the Live Photo from left to right and hit the Apply Changes button in the top-left corner. Two separate files will be transferred to your PC – a JPEG file and a MOV file. The JPEG file is a still image of your Live Photo while the MOV file is a short video showing 1.5 seconds before and after you took the photo.

Exporting Live Photos From an iPhone

Exporting Live Photos from your iPhone is a simple process. First, open the Photos app and select the Albums tab at the bottom. Scroll down and tap Live Photos under Media Types to view all of your Live Photos. Select the Live Photo you’d like to save as a video, then tap the Share button. Finally, scroll down and choose Save as Video to export it as a video file. Your exported video will be saved to your Camera Roll for easy access.

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