How To Name Group Text

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Group texts are one of the most popular ways to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. With group text messaging, you can quickly send a message to multiple people at once, whch makes it great for sharing updates, news and even jokes. But if you’re not careful with your group texts, they can quickly become chaotic and hard to follow. That’s why it’s important to name group texts.

Naming group texts helps everyone keep track of conversations easily. It also makes it easier for members of the group to search for a specific chat thread later on since the names of all chat threads show up in their list of conversations.

So how do you name a group text? It depends on what type of device you are using. If you are uing an iPhone or iPad, open up the iMessage app and tap on the group icon at the top of the thread. Then tap “Change Name and Photo” and enter a name for your conversation. This only works if all members of the conversation use iMessage or have signed into messages on an Apple device such as a Mac or iPad.

If you are using an Android phone like Samsung Galaxy series phones, launch your Messages app then tap on the compose icon at the bottom right corner. In “Enter Recipients” box, touch contact icon then select the group you just created. Tap “All” next to the group’s name to include all contacts in your group text message then & tap More Option > Group Details > Group Name & type in your desired title for that chat thread & hit OK button to save changes.

Once everyone in the conversation has agreed on a name for the thread, it will be easy for everyone involved to find any past messages by simply searching for that name in ther list of conversations. So go ahead and give your chats some personality by naming them!

Titling Group Texts on iPhones

To title a group text on your iPhone, start by opening the group iMessage. Then, tap the group icons at the top of the message thread. This will bring up a menu with options to change the name and photo of the group. Tap “Change Name and Photo” and enter in a name for your group. You can also add in a picture if you want to make it easier for everyone to identify who’s in the conversation. Once you’ve chosen a name, tap “Done” to save your changs and you should now see your new group title when viewing the message thread!

how to name group text

Inability to Name Group Texts on iPhone

Unfortunately, iPhone users are not able to name group texts beause group messages are sent as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages. Apple devices only allow users to name group iMessages, not group MMS messages. This means that all members of the group need to be iPhone users or signed into Messages on an Apple device such as a Mac or iPad in order to name a group text.

Naming a Group When Texting

When creating a group for texting, you will need to assign the group a name. To do this, launch the Messages app and tap on the Compose icon at the bottom-right. Tap on the contact icon in the Enter recipients box, then select all of the contacts you want to add to your new group. Once you have selected everyone, tap on Create at the top-right corner of your screen. You will be prompted to enter a group name beore you can send any messages. Choose a name that will help you remember who is in the group, such as “Family” or “Friends”. Once you have chosen a name, hit Done and start sending your messages!

Creating Group Names on an iPhone

Creating group names on iPhone is easy and straightforward. To start, open your group text message, then tap the group icons at the top of the thread. If you have iOS 14 or earlier, you’ll need to tap the info button. From there, tap “Change Name and Photo” to add a new name to the thread. Type in your desired name for the conversation and then tap “Done” to set it as the new name for the group text. After that, all messages sent by members of this conversation will show this new name at the top of the thread.

Editing Text Groups on iPhone

To edit text groups on iPhone, you will need to open the Messages app and find the thread with the group you want to edit. Tap the group icons at the top of the thread, then tap the grey arrow icon to the right of the contacts. This will open a list of all of the members in the group. From here, you can swipe left over any member to remove them from the group or tap thir name to add another contact. Once you are done editing, tap Done to save your changes.

Creating a Text Group on iPhone

To create a text group on iPhone, open the Messages app and tap the Compose button. From there, you can either enter in the names of all the people you want to include in the group, or tap on Add to select them from your contacts list. Once you’ve added everyone you want to include, type out your message and tap the Send button to send it out to the whole group.

Can iPhone and Android Users Participate in Group Texts?

Yes, you can have a group text with iPhone and Android users. To do so, first open up the Samsung Messages app on your Android phone. Then, tap on the Compose button in the bottom right to start a new conversation and type or select the names of recipients to include in your group text. Alternatively, you can tap on the ‘+’ icon to add recipients from your contact list. Once you have added all desired participants, you can then type and send your message. Everyone in the group will be able to view and reply to messages regardless of teir device type.

Creating a Group iMessage

To create a group iMessage, first open the Messages app on your iPhone and tap the Compose button in the top-right corner of the screen. Begin entering the names of the people you want to include in the group chat in the To: section. You can add as many people as you like, up to a maximum of 30. Once everyone has been added, type out your message, then tap the Send icon. Your group iMessage will now be sent to all members of the chat!

how to name group text

Setting Up Mass Text Messaging

Setting up a mass text messaging system is relatively straightforward. First, you’ll need to create an account with a text messaging service provider. Most providers offer differet tiers of services and pricing plans, so be sure to choose one that fits your needs.

Once you have chosen a service provider, you will need to create a “textword” – a unique word or phrase that people can text in order to join your list. This is how people will opt-in to receive your messages.

You can then begin growing your list by advertising the textword through various channels such as social media, email campaigns, or even print ads. Encourage people to sign up with incentives such as discounts or exclusive offers.

Now that you have people subscribed to your list, you are ready to start sending out mass texts! Most texting service providers offer easy-to-use tools for creating and scheduling bulk messages. You can even personalize the message with variables such as fist name or city when applicable.

And that’s it! With these steps, you are now ready to send out mass texts and engage with subscribers in real time.

Sending a Mass Text Without a Group on an iPhone

To send a mass text witout a group on your iPhone, you will need to copy and paste the message into individual messages for each recipient. To do this, begin by composing your message in the Messages app. Next, tap the plus symbol (+) in the top-right corner of the screen to add a new contact to the message. Once you have added all of the intended recipients, press and hold down on the body of your message until a menu appears. Select “Copy” from this menu, then close out of the message window. Now open up an individual conversation with each recipient, one at a time, and use the “Paste” option in their conversation window to paste your message into their inbox. Repeat this process for all intended recipients until your mass text has been sent out.


In conclusion, Group Text is a great way to stay connected with family and friends. It allows users to easily send messages to multiple people at once and keep track of conversations. By using Group Text, users can quickly communicate with each other without havig to individually type out each message. Additionally, it allows for better organization by creating a group chat name and photo for the conversation. Overall, Group Text is an incredibly helpful communication tool that simplifies staying connected with others.

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