How To Delete Screenshot On Mac

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Are you wondering how to delete screenshots on a Mac? Whether you’ve accidentally taken too many screenshots or are just trying to free up some space on your computer, deleting screenshots is an easy task. With a few simple steps, you can get rid of any unwanted screenshots quickly and easily.

The first thing you need to do is locate the screenshot you’d like to delete. On a Mac, screenshots are usually saved in the Desktop or Downloads folder. Once you’ve found the file, select it by clicking once with your mouse or trackpad. Then press Command+Delete (or Command+Backspace) on your keyboard. This will move the file to the Trash folder, where it will be removed from your computer after emptying the Trash.

If for some reason this method doesn’t work for you, there is another way to delete screenshots on a Mac. You can force-delete any file on your computer by pressing Option-Command-Escape while selecting it with your mouse or trackpad. This will bypass any issues that may be preventing you from deleting the screenshot normally.

Deleting screenshots from your Mac is a straightforward process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time! With just a few clicks of your mouse or trackpad – plus some extra steps for Android users – all unwanted screenshots can be removed quickly and easily from your computer or device.

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Deleting a Screenshot from a Mac Desktop

To delete a screenshot from your Mac desktop, simply select the file(s) you wish to delete and press Command + Delete on the keyboard at the same time. This will move the selected files to the Trash folder and they will be deleted from your desktop. You can also delete screenshots from the Trash folder by right-clicking on them and selecting Move to Trash. Make sure you empty the Trash folder regularly to ensure that any screenshots you have deleted are permanently removed from your computer.

Why Can’t I Delete Screenshots on My Mac?

It is possible to delete screenshots on Mac, however, sometimes it can be more difficult than expected. To delete a screenshot on Mac, the simplest option is to select and drag it down to the Trash folder. If this option does not work, you can force delete it by pressing the Option-Command-Escape button. This will bring up a menu with a Force Quit Applications option which allows you to select the screenshot that you would like to delete. Selecting this will force quit the application associated with the screenshot and delete it from your system.

Clearing Screenshots on a Laptop

You can clear your screenshots on your laptop by deleting them from the Screenshots folder in your Pictures library. To find this folder, open File Explorer and navigate to “This PC > Pictures > Screenshots”. You can then select the screenshots you want to delete and press the Delete key. Alternatively, if you have multiple screenshots that you want to delete at once, you can select them all and press the Delete key.


In conclusion, Mac is a powerful and reliable operating system that offers a variety of options for managing screenshots. Deleting screenshots on Mac is easy and can be done with a few simple clicks of the keyboard or by dragging the file to the Trash folder. Additionally, users can use third-party applications to delete multiple screenshots quickly or force delete them if they are stuck in the trash. With all its features, Mac is a great choice for those who need an efficient and reliable way to manage their screenshots.

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