iOS 15: Adding Rain Sounds to Enhance Your Experience

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Apple’s iOS 15 is here, bringing along a multitude of new features and enhancements to improve your overall user experience. One of the standout additions is the ability to add background sounds to your device, allowing you to create a more immersive and relaxing atmosphere. In this article, we will delve into the process of adding rain sounds to iOS 15 and how you can make the most of this feature.

To begin, you’ll need to access the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Simply swipe up (or down, depending on your device) from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center. Once there, locate and tap on the Hearing Devices button.

Within the Hearing Devices menu, you’ll find the option for Background Sounds. Tap on this to activate the feature and gain access to a range of ambient sounds that you can choose from. At this time, Apple does not provide the ability to add custom background sounds, but the available options should cater to most preferences.

Upon selecting Background Sounds, a list of different sound options will be displayed. To preview a sound, simply tap on its name. This allows you to listen to a sample before settling on your preferred choice. If rain sounds are what you’re after, keep an eye out for any rain-related options in the list.

Once you’ve found your desired rain sound, tap outside of the card to exit the preview and return to the Control Center. Now, whenever you want to enjoy the soothing ambiance of rain, simply tap the ear icon in the Control Center, and the background sound will start playing.

The addition of rain sounds can be beneficial in various scenarios. Whether you’re looking to relax, focus, or even sleep, these ambient sounds can create a calming environment and help drown out any unwanted distractions. The gentle patter of raindrops can transport you to a peaceful state of mind, making it an ideal choice for those seeking tranquility.

Furthermore, iOS 15 allows you to adjust the intensity of the background sounds to suit your preferences. By using the volume slider, you can increase or decrease the volume of the rain sounds to find the perfect balance that complements your needs.

IOS 15 introduces the ability to add background sounds to your device, offering a more immersive and personalized user experience. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily incorporate rain sounds into your daily routine, providing a soothing and calming atmosphere whenever desired. So, go ahead and explore the various options available in the Control Center, find your perfect rain sound, and let the tranquility wash over you.

How Do You Add Rain Sounds to iOS 15?

To add rain sounds to iOS 15, you can follow these steps:

1. Open Control Center: On your iPhone or iPad, swipe down from the top-right corner (iPhone X and newer) or swipe up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone 8 and older) to access Control Center.

2. Tap the Hearing Devices button: In Control Center, locate and tap the button that looks like an ear with sound waves coming out. This will open the Hearing Devices settings.

3. Access Background Sounds: Once you’re in the Hearing Devices settings, you’ll find an option called “Background Sounds.” Tap on it to start or stop playing background sounds.

4. Choose a sound: In the Background Sounds menu, you’ll see the name of the current sound being played. Tap on it to view a list of other available sounds.

5. Preview the sounds: Within the sound list, you can tap on any sound name to listen to a preview. This allows you to explore different rain sounds or other background sounds to find the one you prefer.

6. Select a sound: Once you’ve found the rain sound you like, tap outside of the sound card to go back to the Background Sounds menu.

7. Finish up: To stop playing the background sound, simply tap the Background Sounds button again in Control Center or choose a different sound from the list.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily add rain sounds or any other background sounds to iOS 15 on your iPhone or iPad.

how to add rain sounds ios 15

Can You Add More Background Sounds to iOS 15?

As of now, iOS 15 does not offer the ability to add custom background sounds. This means that you cannot personalize the background sounds on your iPhone or iPad beyond the options provided by Apple. The feature is not currently available in the iOS settings or any other built-in applications. The background sounds feature in iOS 15 primarily focuses on providing a set of predefined sounds that can help users relax, focus, or mask unwanted environmental noises. These sounds are designed to be soothing and can be used to create a calm atmosphere or improve concentration. However, you cannot add your own custom background sounds at this time.

How Do You Add Sound to iOS 15?

To add sound to iOS 15, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Start by tapping on the “Settings” app on your iOS device’s home screen. The app icon looks like gray gears.

2. Once you’re in the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Control Center” option. It should be located in the third section of options.

3. Tap on “Control Center” to enter its settings.

4. Now, scroll down within the Control Center settings until you reach the “Hearing” section. This section allows you to customize the hearing-related features in your Control Center.

5. In the “Hearing” section, you’ll see a list of available options. Look for the green plus (+) sign next to “Hearing” and tap on it. This will add the Hearing option to your Control Center.

6. After adding the Hearing option, exit the Control Center settings by pressing the back button at the top left of the screen or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (depending on your device model).

7. To access the Control Center, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen (on devices without a home button) or swipe up from the bottom of the screen (on devices with a home button).

8. In the Control Center, you’ll see various options represented by different icons. Look for the icon that resembles an ear or headphone symbol. This is the Hearing option that you just added.

9. Tap on the ear icon to open the Hearing menu.

10. Inside the Hearing menu, you’ll find an option called “Background Sounds.” Tap on it to turn on the feature and choose your preferred sound.

11. Upon tapping “Background Sounds,” you’ll see a range of different sound options, such as Balanced Noise, Bright Noise, Ocean, Rain, and more. Choose the sound that you prefer by tapping on it.

12. Once you’ve selected a background sound, it will start playing immediately. You can adjust the volume of the sound using the volume buttons on your device.

That’s it! You have successfully added and customized sound in iOS 15 using the Control Center. Enjoy your chosen background sound and use it as desired for a more pleasant experience with your iOS device.


IOS 15 brings a plethora of exciting features and improvements that enhance the overall user experience on iPhone and iPad devices. From enhanced FaceTime capabilities with spatial audio and portrait mode to improved privacy features like Mail Privacy Protection and App Privacy Report, iOS 15 prioritizes user satisfaction and security.

The new Focus mode allows users to customize their device experience based on their current activity, minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity. The redesigned notifications system provides a more organized and intuitive way to manage incoming alerts, making it easier to stay focused on what matters most.

With Live Text, iOS 15 enables users to extract text from images, making it easier to copy and paste information, search for specific words, or translate text in real-time. The addition of a redesigned Safari browser with tab groups and a new tab bar design offers a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Weather app’s new design, featuring full-screen maps and dynamic layouts, provides users with more comprehensive and visually appealing weather information. The improved Maps app now offers enhanced details for cities, landmarks, transit systems, and augmented reality-based walking directions.

IOS 15 also introduces the new Memories feature in Photos, which uses machine learning to curate and showcase meaningful moments in a user’s photo library. The enhanced Health app allows users to share their health data with trusted individuals, providing a more collaborative approach to managing one’s well-being.

IOS 15 elevates the iOS experience with its array of new features and improvements, ensuring that users can enjoy a more personalized, secure, and efficient experience on their iPhone or iPad. With its focus on user satisfaction, privacy, and productivity, iOS 15 continues to solidify Apple’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the mobile operating system space.

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