How to Integrate GoPro 9 with Your Apple Watch

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Gopro has long been a leader in the world of action cameras and now with the release of the GoPro 9, they have taken their commitment to providing quality products to a whole new level. The GoPro 9 is a state-of-the-art action camera that comes with an exciting new feature – compatibility with Apple Watch.

The integration of Apple Watch and Gopro 9 allows users to control their Gopro Hero directly from their Apple Watch. With this integration, users can easily switch between shooting modes such as video, still photos, time-lapse, and burst mode with just a few taps on their watch. This makes it so much easier to capture the perfect shot while on the go.

In addition, the integration of Apple Watch also makes it easier for users to transfer media files from their Gopro Hero 9 to their iPhone or iPad thrugh the GoPro App. All you have to do is pair your Gopro App on your iPhone or iPad with your Gopro Hero 9 and you’ll be able to access all of your media files quickly and easily.

Overall, this integration of Apple Watch and Gopro Hero 9 is a great addition for any user looking for an easy way to control their action camera while on the go. With just a few taps on your watch you can quickly switch between shooting modes or transfer media files from your camera directly to your phone. It’s truly an amazing feature that will help make capturing moments even easier!

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Can the Apple Watch Control GoPro 9?

Yes, you can control your GoPro Hero 9 directly from your Apple Watch with the goWatch app. This app alows you to access all of the features and settings of your GoPro directly from the convenience of your wrist. You can even preview live footage and start, stop and adjust recording settings right from your Apple Watch.

Connecting an Apple Watch to a GoPro

Yes, you can connect an Apple Watch to a GoPro camera. All you need is the GoPro app for your Apple Watch and your iPhone. Once you have both of those, open the app on your watch and it will search for your GoPro camera and connect to it. With the connection established, you’ll be able to control varius features such as switching between shooting modes (video, still photos, time-lapse, burst mode) from your watch.

Is GoPro Quik Accessible on Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, GoPro Quik is no longer available for Apple Watch. The GoPro app that was previously available on the Apple Watch is no longer supported. If you’d like to access your HERO 10 photos and videos from an Apple device, you can use the GoPro App for iOS or the GoPro Desktop App for Mac.

Using Apple Watch to Control Camera

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch to control your camera. With the Camera Remote app, you can take photos and videos with your iPhone from up to 10m away usng your Apple Watch as a viewfinder. You can zoom in and out by turning the Digital Crown, adjust exposure by tapping the key area of the shot in the preview on your Apple Watch, and even set a self-timer. The Camera Remote app also lets you control multiple iPhones simultaneously and share photos instantly with friends.

Does the GoPro HERO9 Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the GoPro HERO9 has Bluetooth. This allows you to control the camera remotely from your smartphone or other device. You can use Bluetooth to start and stop recording, take photos, adjust settings, and view a live preview of what’s bing recorded. You can even use it to transfer media from the camera to your device.


In conclusion, the GoPro app for Apple Watch was a useful tool for users to control their GoPro Hero camera from their Apple Watch device. Unfortunately, due to financial losses and restructuring, the app was cut from the company. Despite this, users of GoPro cameras can still benefit from connecting their iPhone app with their camera and switching between shooting modes directly on their watch. While it is a loss to not have the full capabilities of the GoPro app on Apple Watch, users can still get great use out of their GoPro camera when paired with an iOS device.

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