How to Download and Install Flip Clock on Macbook

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If you’re looking for a stylish, retro way to keep track of time on your Macbook, then the Fliqlo flip clock is your perfect choice! Fliqlo is an interactive flip clock designed with a classic look and feel. It features an easy-to-read display that flips between hours and minutes to show the exact time. The application is available in both Mac and Windows versions, offering users a seamless experience regardlss of their operating system.

The best part about Fliqlo is its customizable appearance. You can choose from 30 different themes, ranging from traditional analog clocks to modern digital ones. You can also customize the size of the clock, as well as the speed at which it flips between hours and minutes. Furthermore, you can adjust the opacity of the clock to fit your neds – making it easier to read or more subtle for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Fliqlo also has seeral handy features to make tracking time easier. For example, you can set alarms that will remind you when important tasks need to be done. The app also supports multiple languages so you can read time in any language you prefer. Additionally, there are options for displaying times from other countries or cities around the world – great if you need to keep track of international events!

Overall, Fliqlo flip clocks are an excellent choice for anyne looking for a stylish way to stay on top of their schedule. Its intuitive design makes tracking time simple and easy while its customizable appearance adds a touch of class to any desktop setup. So go ahead – get yourself an elegant Fliqlo flip clock and start keeping track of time in style!

How to Download and Install Flip Clock on Macbook 1

Installing Fliqlo on a Macbook Pro

In order to get Fliqlo on your Macbook Pro, you need to first go to the Fliqlo website and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find a download link for eiter Mac or Windows. When you click the link, a window should open automatically. If it doesn’t, you can search for “fliqlo_170” in Finder and double click on “Fliqlo”. Once you have done this, Fliqlo should be installed on your Macbook Pro.

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Does Fliqlo Work on MacBook Air?

Yes, Fliqlo works on MacBook Air. You can easily download and install the app on your device from the Apple App Store. Once installed, you can customize your flip clock with a variety of settings including its size, color, and font. You can also adjust the brightness of the display to make it easier to read in different lighting conditions. Additionally, Fliqlo runs in the background so you don’t have to worry abot it taking up too much of your device’s resources.

Troubleshooting Fliqlo Not Showing Up

It’s possible that Fliqlo is not showing up because the screensaver has not been activated. To activate Fliqlo, go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver, select Fliqlo from the list of options, and then click on “Start After” to set how long you want the screensaver to wait befre activating. Additionally, make sure that you have the latest version of Fliqlo installed and that your computer is compatible with it. If all else fails, try reinstalling or resetting your Mac.

Does Fliqlo Work on Apple M1 Macs?

Yes, Fliqlo does work on M1 Macs. I just tested it out and installed the latest version (1.8.3) onto both an Intel 5K iMac and a M1 MacBook Air, and it ran smoothly on both with no issues or error messages.


The Fliqlo Flip Clock is a great option for Mac users who want to add a classic and stylish clock to their desktop. It’s easy to install and configure, with a range of customization options. The clock’s interface is simple and intuitive, and it runs smoothly without taking up too much system resources. Whether you’re looking for an old-school timepiece or just want something unique, the Fliqlo Flip Clock is definitely worth checking out.

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