How to Monitor Your Blood Oxygen with Your Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch has long been a popular choice for those looking to stay connected and monitor their health. Now, with the latest series of the Apple Watch, users can go even furter by using the Blood Oxygen app to track their oxygen saturation levels.

With this app, users can take on-demand readings at any time and view their results in the Health app on their iPhone. The app is available for Apple Watch Series 6 or later and requires watchOS 7.0 or later to run. Unfortunately, the Blood Oxygen app isn’t available for users under 18 years old or if an Apple Watch is set up in Standalone Mode (Set Up for a Family Member).

Once your Apple Watch is updated to the latest version of watchOS, you can easily open up the Blood Oxygen app from your home screen. The icon looks like a white circle with red and blue curved lines aound the center. Upon opening it, you’ll be prompted to place your wrist on a flat surface before taking a reading. After the reading is complete, you can view your results in both numerical form as well as graph form.

The Blood Oxygen app offers many benefits such as tracking changes in your oxygen saturation levels over time and providing information that could help diagnose underlying medical conditions which may be causing low oxygen levels in your blood. Additionally, it allows users to keep an eye on their oxygen saturation levels while they’re exercising or undergoing physical activity so they can make sure their body gets enough oxygen during strenuous activity.

Overall, the Blood Oxygen app is a great addition to the ever-growing list of features offered by Apple Watches and provides users with an easy way to monitor their blood oxygen levels wihout having to go through additional steps or visit a doctor’s office. With this feature, anyone with an Apple Watch Series 6 or later can stay informed about their health and make sure they are getting enough oxygen into their blood at all times!

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Unable to Access Blood Oxygen Feature on Apple Watch

There are a few reasons why your Apple Watch may not be allowing you to use the Blood Oxygen app. First, make sure your Apple Watch Series 6 or later is updated to the latest version of watchOS. The Blood Oxygen app isn’t availabe for users under 18 years old, so if you don’t meet the age criteria, that could be the issue. Additionally, the Blood Oxygen app isn’t available while an Apple Watch is set up in Standalone Mode (Set Up for a Family Member). If any of these apply to you, that could be why your Apple Watch won’t let you use Blood Oxygen.

The Icon for Blood Oxygen on Apple Watch

The icon for Blood Oxygen on Apple Watch is a white circle with red and blue curved lines around the center. The icon is designed to represent the measurement of oxygen saturation in your blood. When viewed from the home screen of your watch, it loks like a circular rainbow. This feature allows you to easily monitor your levels of oxygen saturation which can be an important indicator of overall health.

Troubleshooting Blood Oxygen App Issues

The Blood Oxygen app on Apple Watch relies on the light from four LEDs and four photodiodes to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood. For accurate readings, it’s important that the Apple Watch is snug against your wrist and that your wrist is flat. If the watch isn’t snug enough or if your fingers are in a fist, it won’t be able to measure accurately. Additionally, if your arm is hanging down instead of being held at heart level, the readings won’t be accurate. If you’re having trouble with Blood Oxygen measurements, make sure the watch band fits well and that you keep your arm still whle taking a reading.

Does the Apple Watch Track Blood Oxygen Automatically?

Yes, the Apple Watch can automatically track your blood oxygen levels. The Blood Oxygen app uses four clusters of red, green and infrared LED lights and four photodiodes which measure how much light is reflected from the blood vessels in your wrist. These measurements are tken throughout the day, giving you a continuous readout on your current blood oxygen levels. The data is then stored in the Health app to help you monitor your health and fitness over time.

Does the Apple Watch SE Have Blood Oxygen Monitoring Capabilities?

No, the Apple Watch SE does not have a blood oxygen sensor. This means that it cannot provide you with an indication of your oxygen level. However, it does include a heart rate monitor which can be used to track your heart rate during different activities and training sessions.

enable blood oxygen apple watch


The Apple Watch Series 6 and laer is an incredibly powerful device that offers users a wealth of health tracking features. It’s equipped with the Blood Oxygen app, which can take on-demand readings to measure your blood oxygen levels. This is a great tool for anyone interested in monitoring their overall health, although it should be noted that the Blood Oxygen app isn’t available for users under 18 years old or for those who have set up their Apple Watch in Standalone Mode. Overall, the Apple Watch Series 6 and later is an excellent device that can provide important health insights to its users.

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