How to Connect JLAB EarBuds to Your iPhone

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Are you looking for an affordable pair of earbuds that offer great sound quality and a universal microphone? Look no further than JLab JBuds Metal in-Ear Earbuds! These earbuds provide high-quality sound, a comfortable fit, and are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

The JLab Audio JBuds Metal in-Ear Earbuds come with a universal microphone and offer crisp audio that is perfect for playing or taking calls. The earbuds feature an ergonomic design to ensure comfort during wear. The earbud tips are constructed with foam to create a secure fit whie the metal outer casing helps block out external noise.

Connecting the JLab Audio JBuds Metal in-Ear Earbuds is easy. Simply press and hold the button on the earbud for 10 seconds then release. A light near the foam ear pad will blink red and blue to inicate pairing mode. Once enabled, you can select “JLab Rewind” in your device settings to connect the earbuds.

You can connect the JLab Audio JBuds Metal in-Ear Earbuds to any iPhone easily as well. All you need to do is go into your device settings and select “JLab Rewind” again to pair your earbuds with your iPhone. You'll be able to take calls, listen to music, or watch videos using these great earbuds!

Overall, the JLab Audio JBuds Metal in-Ear Earbuds offer great sound quality, comfort, and a universal microphone at an affordable price point which makes them perfect for anyone looking for a reliable pair of earphones!

Compatibility of JLab Earbuds with iPhones

Yes, JLab Audio JBuds Metal in-Ear Earbuds with Universal Microphone are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The earbuds come with a universal microphone built-in, so you can easily use it to make calls or listen to music on your iPhone. The earbuds also feature a lightweight design that fits comfortably in the ear, providing superior sound quality and a secure fit. Plus, the earbuds are sweatproof and water resistant, making them perfect for taking to the gym or out on a run. So whethr you're using an iPhone or an Android device, the JLab Audio JBuds will provide you with great audio quality and convenience.

can jlab earbuds connect to iphone

Entering Pairing Mode with JLab Earbuds

To put your JLab earbuds in pairing mode, press and hold the button on the earbud for 10 seconds. Once you release the button, a red and blue light near the foam ear pad will blink to indicate that it is in pairing mode. Then, go to your device settings and select “JLab Rewind” to connect.

Are JBL Earbuds Compatible with iPhone?

Yes, JBL earbuds are great for iPhones. They are designed to provide premium sound and have a wide range of features that make them perfect for both iPhone and Android smartphones. The sound quality is exceptional with deep bass and crisp highs, while the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit. Additionally, they come with an in-line mic and remote control so you can take calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Can JBL Earbuds Connect to an iPhone?

Yes, JBL earbuds can connect to most iPhone models through Bluetooth. You will need to make sure that your iPhone and the earbuds are both compatible with Bluetooth connectivity, and that your phone has the latest version of iOS installed. Once you have confirmed thse details, you should be able to pair your earbuds with your iPhone by following the steps outlined in your device's user manual. Once paired, you will be able to enjoy wireless audio playback from your iPhone through your JBL earbuds.

Pairing JLAB Earbuds to an iPhone 13

To pair your JLAB earbuds to your iPhone 13, you can do the following:
1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone 13 and select Bluetooth from the menu.
2. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, then look for your JLAB earbuds under the Other Devices section and select them for pairing.
3. You shold see a notification on your iPhone 13 that indicates that it has successfully paired with the JLAB earbuds.
4. Once successfully paired, you should be able to hear audio from your JLAB earbuds when playing music or other audio through your iPhone 13.

Location of the Pairing Button on JBL Earbuds

The pairing button on JBL earbuds can usually be found on the back of the right earbud. It is a small, circular button that may have a Bluetooth symbol or just the letter B printed on it. To pair your JBL earbuds, press and hold the pairing button for about 5 seconds until you hear an audible tone, indicating that your device is ready to be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Connecting Earbuds to an iPhone

To connect your earbuds to your iPhone, fist make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device. To do so, go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle the switch next to Bluetooth to the ‘On' position. Once Bluetooth is enabled, place your earbuds in pairing mode by pressing and holding the power button until the LED light starts flashing. Then, on your iPhone, select the name of your earbuds from the list of devices that appears under the ‘Other Devices' section. Finally, tap ‘Pair' when prompted and you'll be connected!


The JLAB Audio JBuds Metal in-Ear Earbuds with Universal Microphone offer a great listening experience designed to be compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. They feature a comfortable fit, making them perfect for long listening sessions. The built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling, and the press and hold button makes pairing with your device quick and easy. With the innovative light indicator near the foam ear pad, you'll know when you're in pairing mode. All in all, the JLAB Audio JBuds Metal earbuds are an excellent choice for anyone lookng for a reliable pair of earbuds at an affordable price.

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