Apple iPad Pre-Orders to Begin on February 25th

February 22, 2010, By Atul Roach

The world has waited patiently enough to read this and albeit an unconfirmed prediction, it still feels good to know that the US pre-orders for the WiFi version of the Apple iPad may happen as early as February 25th. It is only the WiFi version of the Apple tablet that does not require a long […]

EU Mandated Microsoft Windows 7 Ballot Screen gets a Preview

February 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

Flashback: How did Microsoft ensure that it was not violating the EU antitrust laws in reference to the browsers? The answer lies atop in the Windows 7 Ballot Screen mandated by the EU, something Microsoft had to do to get Windows 7 going in Europe. EU believed that a user needed to know that he […]

Electromagnetic Pulse to put an end to high-speed chasing

January 24, 2010, By Atul Roach

Agreed that the cops ‘often’ manage to nab the criminals in a high-speed chase but that comes at the cost of some grave public property damage. An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is what could prevent damages of such nature in the future by tracking the core problem which is the ‘chase’ itself. Developed by a Canadian […]

Isaac Newton Dedicated Google Doodle is the best ever

January 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

There is something special about the Google logo today and most of the ardent web surfers will have noticed it by now. The logo is dedicated to the genius Isaac Newton, who was born on this day 366 years ago. Google keeps impressing us with its range of doodles, the most recent ones being dedicated […]

Google OneBox US OnlyMusic Service Goes Public

October 29, 2009, By Atul Roach

Apple is the current behemoth when it comes to comparing the online music market with 70% legal downloads but the picture could soon change as Google has gone live with its OneBox music service. Limited to the US shores only, OneBox is a service where you can find music and buy it online. The service […]

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Pricing Details and First Images

September 2, 2009, By Atul Roach

Archos is fantastic with all these petite yet amazingly capable tablets and while we were expecting to see the Android based Archos 5 Tablet with full details in a couple of weeks time, B&H has different plans. Courtesy of this ‘difference’, we are lucky to have a few details and the pricing of the product […]

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