YouTube Now Lets You View HDR Videos on Select Android Devices

September 11, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube has introduced HDR support for its videos back in November last year. But lack of compatible devices has kept the feature off the reach of the consumers. But now with vendors like Samsung, Google, Sony and LG upping their devices with HDR support, YouTube is flaring up the services again for the mobile platforms.

A handful of smartphones that comes with HDR video playback technology will now be able to render HDR videos in the YouTube app. That list includes all the flagship devices including Google Pixel, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy Note 8, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

The feature will support videos of up to 1440p resolution with a frame rate of 60fps. There has been some reports of frame drops however. Additionally, there have also been issues of playback error when trying to play the videos in full screen. But we can expect the feature to get solidified in the coming days. Besides, Google is also guaranteeing to rollout the support for additional devices in the coming days.

In addition to the HDR support, Google is also introducing playback speed control in its app, which will see its light also on iOS devices along with the Android counterpart. The video playback speed control will offer users to view the videos from speed ranging to as slow as .25x to a maximum of 2x for all the videos in its library.

The feature is already available on most of the devices, and users can access it by clicking the three dots at the top right corner while watching a video, where you can set the speed under the Playback Speed option. Head to the respective app page to get your app updated and enjoy the new feature.

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