Troubleshooting Splitgate Party Chat Issues

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Splitgate is a first-person shooter game that has gained a lot of popularity because of its unique blend of arena-style gameplay and sci-fi elements. One of the most important aspects of any multiplayer game is the ability to communicate with other players. Splitgate offers players the ability to use party chat to communicate with their friends while playing the game.

Party chat is a feature that allows players to talk to each other while at a party. A party is a group of players who are playing the game together. The party chat feature is available on all platforms that Splitgate is available on, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

To use party chat in Splitgate, players must first create a party. This can be done by navigating to the party tab in the main menu and selecting the “Create Party” option. Once a party has been created, players can invite their friends by selecting the “Invite Players” option and entering their friend’s usernames.

Once players have joined a party, they can use party chat to communicate with each other. The chat is available both in-game and in the main menu. To use party chat in-game, players must first enable it in the game’s settings. This can be done by navigating to the audio tab in the settings menu and selecting the “Open Mic” option. With Open Mic turned on, players can speak to each other without having to hold down a button.

However, if players prefer to use push-to-talk, they can do so by configuring the button in the key binds tab. The default button for push-to-talk is T.

It is important to note that party chat is not available during crossplay. This is a known bug that is currently being addressed by the developers. Until this bug is fixed, players will not be able to use party chat to communicate with players on other platforms.

Splitgate’s party chat feature is an important aspect of the game that allows players to communicate with each other while playing. It is easy to use and is available on all platforms that the game is available on. However, the current bug that prevents party chat during crossplay is a downside, but it is being worked on by the developers.

Talking in Chat on Splitgate

To talk in a chat on Splitgate, you can use the in-game chat feature. This can be accessed by pressing the “Enter” key on your keyboard, which will bring up the chat box. From there, you can type your message and hit “Enter” again to send it to the game chat.

Alternatively, you can use voice chat to communicate with other players in Splitgate. To do this, you must have a working microphone and the Open Mic feature enabled in the game’s audio settings. With Open Mic on, your microphone will be always on, and other players in your game will be able to hear you. If you prefer to only transmit your voice when you want to speak, you can enable the Push to Talk feature in the key binds settings and configure a button that you need to press to speak. By default, the Push to Talk button is set to the “T” key.

Splitgate provides multiple chat options to communicate with other players, including text chat and voice chat, which can be customized according to your preferences.

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Can Splitgate Be Used for Cross-Platform Communication?

Splitgate does have cross-platform capabilities, allowing players on different platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation to play together. However, there is currently a bug or glitch that prevents players from using the voice chat feature during crossplay. This means that communication between players on different platforms is currently not possible through voice chat. It is unclear when this issue will be resolved, but the developers are likely working on a fix to address this bug in the near future.


Splitgate offers a comprehensive party chat system that allows players to communicate effectively with their team members during gameplay. The Open Mic feature is a great addition that allows for seamless communication while playing, and the option to switch to Push to Talk is also available. However, there have been reports of bugs and glitches when it comes to using the voice chat feature during crossplay. Despite this, Splitgate’s party chat system is a reliable tool that can enhance the gaming experience for players who want to coordinate with their teammates effectively.

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