How to Access Recent Contacts on Your iPhone?

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Are you trying to keep track of the most recent contacts on your iPhone? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Apple has made it easy for you to view and manage the list of people that you’ve called or who have called you recently.

To access the list of your recent contacts, open up the Phone application on your device—it should be located at the bottom of your home screen. Once inside, tap on Recents and you’ll be presented with a list of everyone that you’ve interacted with recently. You can use this list to quickly call someone back if needed or add them as a contact if they aren’t already saved in your address book.

If you have multiple accounts connected to Contacts, such as Google or iCloud, it’s easy to switch between them. Just tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the app and select which account you want to view. Additionally, Google now notes when a contact is added so that can help you track when certain people were added to your address book.

Keeping track of all the people in our lives can seem daunting but thankfully Apple has made it easier than ever with their Recents feature in Contacts. Now there’s no excuse for not staying up-to-date with all of your friends and family!

What is the Meaning of Recent Contacts on an iPhone?

Recent contacts on iPhone refer to a list of all the people you have called or who have called you recently. This list is accessible by opening the Phone app and tapping “Recents” at the bottom. The list includes contact information, such as name and phone number, as well as call times and duration. It’s a quick way to get in touch with someone you’ve been talking to recently.

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What Does ‘Recent’ Mean on Someone’s Contact?

When someone’s contact has the word “recent” next to it, that means that you recently received a call from that number. If the contact has multiple numbers associated with them, then this indicates the most recent number used to call you.

Viewing Most Recently Added Contacts on iPhone

Yes, there is a way to view your most recently added Contacts on iPhone. To do that, open the “Apps” category and scroll down to “Contacts”. Tap on “Find Contacts” and then change the “Sort by” option from “None” to “Creation Date”. This will display your Contacts in order of when they were added, with the most recent additions first.

Finding Hidden Contacts on an iPhone

To find hidden contacts on your iPhone, start by opening the contacts app. Then, tap on the group’s tab at the top of the screen. Here, you can select any specific hidden group or tap on Show All Contacts to display all contacts in the list. Once you have the list of contacts, you can swipe down to search for a particular contact or scroll through the list to find one. If you are still unable to find your contact, it’s possible that they may have been manually hidden from view. To uncover these hidden contacts, go to Settings > Contacts and toggle on Show Hidden Contacts at the bottom of the page. This should reveal any previously hidden contacts in your list of contacts.

Sorting Contacts by Date Added

To sort your contacts by the date added, start by clicking on the Contacts tab. From there, click Modify Columns and then press + Add Column. Select the new column and choose Date Added from the drop-down menu. Once this is done, click Save to confirm your changes. Now you can click on the Date Added column to sort your contacts in either ascending or descending order by date.


In conclusion, the Recents feature of the iPhone is a great way to quickly access contacts you have been in contact with recently. You can view the list of people you have called or who have called you in the Phone application. To further organize your contacts, you can use labels in the Contacts app and Google Contacts will also note when you added a person to the app. Keeping track of recent contacts is a convenient way to stay organized and easily access people you communicate with frequently.

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