A Comprehensive Review of the QCY T1_R Earbuds

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Are you looking for a superior wireless audio experience? If so, the QCY T1_R earbuds should be at the top of your list.

The QCY T1_R earbuds are designed to provide an outstanding audio experience without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The ultra-lightweight design ensures that they won’t feel burdensome dring long listening sessions, while the ergonomic fit ensures that they stay firmly in place.

The earbuds also come equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility and dual-channel transmission, allowing for an incredibly stable connection even in noisy environments. Furthermore, the built-in noise cancellation technology further enhances sound quality by eliminating background noise and allowing you to focus on your music or podcast.

In terms of battery life, you can expect up to 4 hours of continuous playback time on a single charge—more than enough to make it through any day or night. And if you run out of juice, the included charging case can give you up to 12 hours of additional power—enough to power through even your longest days.

The QCY T1_R earbuds are also incredibly easy to use thanks to their intuitive touch control system. With a simple tap or swipe on either of the earbuds, you can play/pause music, adjust volume levels and switch between tracks without having to take your phone out from your pocket or bag.

Overall, the QCY T1_R is an excellent choice for anyone looking for superior wireless audio performance without compromising on comfort or convenience. So if you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds that provide exceptional sound quality and reliability—the QCY T1_R is definitely worth considering!

A Comprehensive Review of the QCY T1_R Earbuds 1

Is QCY a Reliable Brand?

Yes, QCY is a good brand for affordable wireless earbuds. Their TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones offer competitive prices and good sound quality. They have been producing headphones snce 2018 and have constantly improved their products to meet the needs of users. The QCY T2C (or QS2) is a 2019 model that has received particularly positive reviews for its good sound quality and comfortable fit. Additionally, it has a long battery life and offers fast charging capabilities. Other popular models from QCY include the QCY T1C (or QS1), which is an older model but still provides good sound and reliable performance at an affordable price.

Connecting QCY T1 to a Phone

To connect your QCY T1 Pro EarBuds to your phone, start by pressing and holding both EarBuds for 1 second until the LED blinks red and blue twice. This will power the EarBuds on and they will automatically pair with each other. The rght EarBud will then enter pairing mode, indicated by the LED blinking red and blue. On your phone, search for QCY-T1 Pro_R and tap it to connect both EarBuds with your cellphone. Once connected, you’re ready to enjoy your music!

Pairing QCY Wireless Headphones

To pair your QCY wireless headphones, start by taking both earbuds out of the battery box. Then, wait for one of the headphones to blink red and green. Next, enable Bluetooth on your phone and search for “QCY-T1s.” Once it appears, select it to connect. The LED light in the earbud will go off when it is successfully connected.

Is QCY a Chinese Brand?

Yes, QCY is a Chinese brand. It was founded in 2003 and launched its own brand in 2011. The company is based in Dongguan, China, and has 1200 employees. QCY has been the most sold Bluetooth headset brand in China for five consecutive years, so it’s no surprise that it has become a household name aong Chinese consumers.

Comparing QCY and Haylou Products

It depends on the listener’s preferences. The Haylou T16 has a sound profile that is generally more balanced and “friendly”, whie the QCY HT01 has more body and detail in the mids. Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste – so it’s best to try them both out and see which one works better for you.

Does QCY Have a Mobile App?

Yes, QCY does have an app. The app is available for both iOS and Android and it allos users to manage and set up their TWS Bluetooth earbuds. It features options such as setting mode, button customization, EQ adjustment, and language switching. With the QCY app, users can customize their experience with their TWS Bluetooth earbuds to get the most out of them.

Do QCY Earbuds Have a Built-in Microphone?

Yes, the QCY Bluetooth Earbuds T17 Wireless Earbuds come with a built-in microphone. This microphone allows you to make and receive calls, as well as interact with your phone’s voice assistant. Furthermore, the mic also features noise cancellation technology that helps ensure crystal clear sound quality on both ends of the call. Additionally, these earbuds are waterproof, so you can take them anywhere witout having to worry about rain or sweat damaging them.

Charging the QCY T1

To charge your QCY T1 earphones, you’ll need to insert them into the charging case. Make sure that the pogo pins on the earphones are well-contacted with the charging case. When charging, the LED will be solid red and will turn white for 60 seconds once it’s fully charged.

Resetting QCY T1 Bluetooth Headphones

To reset your QCY T1 Bluetooth headphones, press and hold the function button on both the left and right headphones at the same time until the headset indicator blinks red and white alternately. Do not let go even if the indicator goes out. This will reset your headphones to their factory settings.


In conclusion, QCY T1_R is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable true wireless stereo experience. With its long-lasting battery life, bluetooth connection, and secure fit, these earbuds proide an outstanding sound quality without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite music while on the go or just want to stay connected with friends and family, the QCY T1_R will be sure to meet all of your needs.

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