What Are the Benefits of UPS MyChoice?

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Ups My Choice is an amazing service that helps you to get your package delivered quickly and easily. I have used it for a few different shipments now and have always been happy with the results. The best part about Ups My Choice is that you can choose from a variety of different delivery options to make sure that your package arrives when and where you need it to. You can also track your package so that you know exactly where it is at all times.

What Is UPS My Choice?

UPS My Choice is a free service that allows the recipient more control over deliveries. Once you set up an account on UPS.com, members can receive an or text message the day before a shipment arrives and delivery notification. This allows the recipient to choose a new delivery date and time, reschedule for another day, or have the package delivered to a UPS pickup location.


Is UPS My Choice Free?

Yes, UPS My Choice is free to sign up for. There are two levels of membership, which provide different levels of service. With shipping alerts via text or email, members can stay informed about their package's status and receive updates on when it will be delivered. Members can also change the delivery address or delivery date for a package.

How Do I Activate UPS My Choice?

As a new UPS My Choice member, you will be prompted to authenticate your membership by entering the activation code after you log in. A UPS My Choice Activation Code box will appear. You must select your country and enter the activation code that appears on your UPS My Choice welcome letter.

How Do I Contact UPS My Choice?

To contact UPS My Choice, you can either call 1-888-742-5877 or visit the Customer Help and Support Center on the UPS website.

Can You Presign For UPS?

Yes, you can presign for UPS packages using your UPS My Choice account. After logging in, look at your delivery calendar to find the package and then click the entry to see the details. If you're providing a signature for the package, be sure to enter all of the required information.

Does UPS My Choice Show All Packages?

UPS My Choice shows all packages that are handled by UPS. This includes packages that are shipped through UPS, as well as packages that are delivered by UPS.

Can U Track A UPS Truck?

Yes! UPS has finally rolled out true package tracking, letting you see exactly where the truck carrying your item is on a map right from your smartphone or PC.

Can I Track A Package Using My Address?

Yes, you can track a package using your address. The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a number of ways to track packages, including online tracking and tracking through the mail carrier. To track a package using your address, you will need to know the package's tracking number. You can find this number on the receipt or invoice that was included with your package, or you can contact the sender to ask for it. Once you have the tracking number, you can enter it on the USPS website to see where your package is in transit.

How Do I Cancel My UPS My Choice Membership?

To cancel your UPS My Choice membership, select the Administration tab and then select the Cancel Enrollment link. You will be asked to provide a valid reason for cancellation.


Why Can't I Access UPS My Choice?

The email address you provided is already associated with a UPS My Choice enrollment. Try registering with a different email address. Your user ID, which is required to sign up for UPS My Choice, is linked to a UPS service such as Quantum View® or WorldShip®.

Why Is My UPS My Choice Not Working?

There are a few reasons why your UPS My Choice account may not be working. One possibility is that you have recently moved to a new home and have not updated your account information yet. Another reason might be that you are using the same user ID for your UPS My Choice account as you are for a UPS business service, such as Quantum View or WorldShip. If this is the case, you will need to create a separate user ID in order to access your UPS My Choice account. Finally, if you have recently changed your last name, you will need to update your account information in order to continue using UPS My Choice.

Does UPS My Choice Cost Money UK?

No, UPS My Choice is a free service offered by UPS. It allows consumers in the UK to sign up for advance delivery notifications, the ability to reroute packages to another address or reschedule deliveries for a future date, all before a UPS driver makes a delivery.

How Do I Cancel My UPS My Choice Address?

To delete an address from the UPS My Choice program, log in to your account at ups.com/mychoice. Select “Addresses” under “My Personal Information,” then select the edit icon on the right-hand side of the appropriate entry. Under “Select Action,” click on Delete Address and follow the prompts to confirm the deletion.


UPS My Choice is a free service offered by UPS that allows consumers to sign up for advance delivery notifications, the ability to reroute packages to another address or reschedule deliveries for a future date. To delete an address from the UPS My Choice program, log in to your account and select “Delete Address” under “Select Action.”

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