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Monument Valley, developed by Ustwo Games, has become one of the most beloved mobile games since its release in 2014. Its stunning visuals, soothing soundtrack, and mind-bending puzzles have captivated millions of players worldwide. The game’s sequel, Monument Valley 2, was released in 2017 and was just as popular as its predecessor.

Since the release of Monument Valley 2, fans have been eagerly waiting for news about a third installment in the series. In 2019, Ustwo Games confirmed that they were working on Monument Valley 3, but not much information has been released since then. Here’s what we know so far:

The Development Team

As with the previous two games, Monument Valley 3 is being developed by Ustwo Games, an independent game studio based in London. The team behind the game includes some of the same developers who worked on the first two games, which is promising for fans who loved the previous games.

The Storyline

Ustwo Games has not released any information about the storyline of Monument Valley 3, but we can expect it to be just as mysterious and intriguing as the previous games. The first two games followed the journey of Princess Ida as she navigated through impossible architecture and solved puzzles to reach her goal. It’s possible that Monument Valley 3 will continue her story or introduce a new protagonist.

The Gameplay

Monument Valley 3 is likely to have the same gameplay mechanics as the previous games. Players will navigate through impossible architecture and solve puzzles by manipulating the environment and interacting with objects. The game is expected to have a similar art style and soothing soundtrack that made the previous games so enjoyable.

Unfortunately, Ustwo Games has not given any information about the release date for Monument Valley 3. It’s possible that the game is still in early development, and it could be a while before we hear any news about its release. However, fans of the series are eagerly waiting for any updates on the game’s progress.

Monument Valley 3 is one of the most anticipated mobile games of the year, and fans are eagerly waiting for any news about its development. While we don’t know much about the game yet, we can expect it to have the same stunning visuals, soothing soundtrack, and mind-bending puzzles that made the previous games so popular. As we wait for more news about Monument Valley 3, fans can replay the first two games and experience the magic all over again.

Exploring Monument Valley 3 Game 1

Is Monument Valley 3 in the Works?

There will be a third Monument Valley game. This was confirmed by the game’s developer, Ustwo, who posted a job listing for the project in 2019. While there is no official release date or information about the game’s plot or gameplay, fans of the series can look forward to a new adventure in the near future. It is worth noting that the first two Monument Valley games were critically acclaimed for their stunning visuals, innovative gameplay mechanics, and immersive storytelling. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the third installment will also offer a unique and engaging gaming experience to players.

Number of Levels in Monument Valley 3

Monument Valley 3 has a total of ten levels. Each level presents a different central mechanic, which includes various interactions such as moving platforms, pillars, and creating bridges. The game’s design aims to challenge the player’s problem-solving skills by introducing new mechanics at each level, leading to a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

Number of Monument Valley Games

There are a total of two Monument Valley games available for play. The first game has 19 chapters which consist of the main story, Forgotten Shores, and Ida’s (RED) Dream. The second game has 15 chapters, including The Lost Forest. Therefore, in total, there are two games in the Monument Valley series, each with a varying number of chapters.


Monument Valley 3 is highly anticipated by fans of the series and mobile gamers alike. With the success of the first two games, it’s no surprise that Ustwo is continuing to expand on this unique and visually stunning world. While not much is known about the upcoming game, we can expect new levels with unique mechanics and puzzles that will challenge players’ problem-solving skills. With over 80 million downloads combined for the first two games, it’s clear that there is a strong demand for more Monument Valley content. Fans will have to wait patiently for more information on the release date and what new adventures await in Monument Valley 3.

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