Top Streaming Services in Japan

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With the ever-changing landscape of streaming services, Japan is no exception. Japanese streaming services have become increasingly popular with both local and international viewers due to their vast selection of content and ease of use. From classic anime to the latest blockbuster films, Japanese streaming services are sure to have something for everyone.

U-Next is one of the most popular streaming services in Japan, offering a variety of movies, TV shows, and music videos. U-Next features a wide range of titles from major studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and more. The service also has an extensive library of anime titles from various genres and eras. U-Next also provides live broadcasts from TV channels such as Nippon TV and Fuji TV.

AbemaTV is another popular streaming service in Japan that offers a wide selection of content including news programs, dramas, sports broadcasts, music videos, variety shows, and much more. AbemaTV also provides access to many popular anime titles such as Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail. AbemaTV also includes an interactive component where viewers can participate in polls or chat with other users while watching the show.

TVer is another leading streaming service in Japan that offers a variety of drama series and movies from major studios such as NHK World-Japan, WOWOW, TBS Channel 1, Fuji TV On Demand, and more. TVer’s library also includes a large selection of anime titles from classic series such as Naruto Shippuden to newer releases like Dragon Ball Super.

Gyao! is another popular Japanese streaming service that specializes in providing access to free movies and dramas from major studios such as Toei Animation Company Limited (TAC), Toho Co., Ltd., Kadokawa Corporation, Pony Canyon Inc., Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV)and more. Gyao! also offers a wide range of anime titles from various genres including action, comedy, and romance.

NTT Docomo’s dTV streaming service also provides a wide selection of content including movies, dramas, and anime titles from various genres including action adventure fantasy sci-fi shoujo shounen sports supernatural thrillers, and more. The dAnimeStore provides access to much popular anime series such as Naruto Shippuden Attack on Titan One Piece Dragon Ball Z Bleach Black Butler Fullmetal Alchemist Sword Art Online Code Geass etc.

Fuji TV’s FOD Premium offers an extensive library of Japanese dramas movies sports programs music videos variety shows animated series documentaries game shows etc. FOD Premium also provides access to many classic anime series such as Mobile Suit Gundam Macross Lupin III Cowboy Bebop Yu Yu Hakusho Rurouni Kenshin etc.

Paravi by Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc is another popular streaming service that features an extensive collection of movies dramas sports programs music videos variety shows video clips etc. Paravi’s library also includes many classic anime titles such as Sailor Moon Neon Genesis Evangelion Slam Dunk One Piece Digimon Adventure Cardcaptor Sakura Death Note etc.

Disney recently entered the market with its Disney Deluxe service which was rebranded by Disney+ in June 2020. Disney+ offers access to all your favorite Disney movies TV shows shorts cartoons musicals Marvel Star Wars National Geographic Pixar Lucasfilm programming plus exclusive originals.

Finally, Netflix Japan is another compelling option for those who aren’t concerned that there isn’t an anime smorgasbord available. Netflix features an extensive library of up-to-date Hollywood blockbusters indie films documentaries tv shows standup comedy specials original series kids programming foreign language films etc.

With so many options available it’s easy to see why Japanese streaming services are becoming increasingly popular with viewers around the world!

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Streaming Services Used in Japan

In Japan, there is a wide variety of streaming services available for viewing content online. U-Next, Abema, TVer, Gyao!, NTT Docomo’s dTV and dAnimeStore, Fuji TV’s FOD Premium, and Paravi are all popular options. These services offer an extensive selection of films, television shows, and anime titles. Additionally, Disney recently entered the Japanese streaming market with their Disney Deluxe service (now rebranded as Disney+). This service provides access to an array of films, series, documentaries, shorts, and other content from the Disney library. Subscriptions for all of these services are usually very affordable and offer a convenient way to watch your favorite content at home or on the go.

Exploring the Best Streaming Service in Japan

The best streaming service in Japan is Netflix, which has become the most popular option for many Japanese viewers. It offers a wide variety of content, from international movies and TV shows to original Netflix series, as well as live sports streams and documentaries. The user interface is easy to navigate and the streaming quality is excellent. Plus, with its low monthly subscription rates, it offers great value for money. Netflix also has a great selection of classic anime titles such as Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. For those looking for more contemporary anime offerings, there are plenty of options available on other services like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.

Popular Streaming Sites in Japan

In January 2023, the most popular streaming site in Japan is It is the top choice for many Japanese viewers who want to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and videos online. The site offers a wide variety of content including live streams, music videos, educational content, and much more. It also features a large number of user-generated videos along with an ever-growing library of content from official partners such as TV networks, movie studios, and record labels. is highly popular in Japan due to its user-friendly interface and reliable streaming technology. Additionally, its regularly updated library of content ensures that viewers have access to new and exciting content on a regular basis.

Does Japan Have a Hulu Service?

Yes, there is a Japanese version of Hulu called Hulu Japan. It is a streaming video service that offers Japanese content such as movies and TV shows. To access it, you will need to have a Hulu Japan account and use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change your IP address to one located in Japan. This will give you access to the Japanese version of Hulu so you can watch your favorite content from abroad.

Is There a Japanese Version of Netflix?

Yes, there is indeed a Japanese version of Netflix. Launched in 2015, Netflix Japan has become one of the largest streaming catalogs in any country according to uNoGS. Subscribers in Japan can access a wide range of content that is unavailable to users in other countries, such as exclusive anime series. In addition, many popular shows and movies from around the world are available with audio and subtitles in Japanese for an immersive viewing experience. With an ever-expanding library and new content added every month, Netflix Japan provides its users with a comprehensive selection of streaming options.

The Japanese Equivalent of YouTube

Niconico is the Japanese equivalent of YouTube and is one of the most popular video-sharing services in Japan. It was originally known as Nico Nico Douga before rebranding to its current name in 2012. Niconico offers a wide range of content, including music videos, anime clips, movies, television shows, user-generated videos, and much more. The website has over 25 million registered users and over 10 billion monthly views. Unlike YouTube, Niconico also provides features such as live streaming and comment synchronization (which allows users to post comments that appear in real-time on the video). Additionally, Niconico subscribers can use a virtual currency called “Nico Points” to purchase items such as exclusive videos or special gifts from their favorite creators.

Does Paramount+ Work in Japan?

No, Paramount+ is not currently available in Japan. It is only available in select countries including the US and Canada. It won’t be coming to most of Europe until 2022, so it is unlikely that it will become available in Japan any time soon.

The popularity of Hulu in Japan

Hulu is not as popular in Japan as other services like Amazon Prime and Netflix. According to the MPA’s “Japan Online Video Consumer Insights & Analytics” report for the end of the first quarter, Amazon Prime accounted for 34% of total subscriptions, while Netflix had 14% and Hulu Japan only 6%. This suggests that Hulu is not as widely used or well-known in Japan compared to the other two streaming services.

Can I Stream Japanese TV on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can watch Japanese TV on Amazon Prime. Prime Video has an extensive selection of Japanese TV shows, including live-action series, cartoons, and anime. Live-action series range from comedies and dramas to reality TV shows, while the cartoon and anime offerings are a mix of classic series and modern hits. Prime Video also offers select movies from Japan in both dubbed and subtitled versions. With a Prime membership, you can watch any of these shows on your computer or streaming device.

Does Roku Offer Japanese Channels?

Yes, Roku does offer a number of Japanese channels. Popular options include JSTV, NHK World (English language channel), TBS Japan, Nippon TV, and Tokyo MX. These channels offer a variety of content such as news, dramas, sports, anime, and variety shows. Additionally, Roku users can access JapanTV to watch streaming versions of over-the-air broadcasts from Japanese TV channels. Enjoy your favorite Japanese shows whenever you want!


In conclusion, Japanese streaming services offer an abundance of content and entertainment options that can keep viewers engaged. From U-Next and Abema to Disney+ and Netflix Japan, there is a huge variety of TV shows, movies, live sports coverage, documentaries, and anime available to stream. Thanks to their ease of access and affordability, these streaming services have become increasingly popular in the country over the past few years. Whether you’re looking for something new to watch or simply want to reconnect with your favorite genre, there is certainly something for everyone on the various streaming platforms available in Japan.

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