How To Unlock Your Disabled iPhone 6

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Are you looking for an answer about how to unlock a disabled iPhone 6? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

The iPhone 6 is a powerful device from Apple that has some great features and capabilities. But sometimes, it can become disabled if you forget your passcode or enter it incorrectly too many times. Fortunately, there are several ways to unlock a disabled iPhone 6.

The first solution is to use iCloud. This option requires that you already have an Apple ID set up with iCloud and that “Find My iPhone” is enabled on the device. You will also need to have access to the same Wi-Fi network as the phone.

Once those requirements are met, go to iCloud and select “All Devices” at the top of the page. Then select your disabled iPhone 6 from the list of devices and click on “Erase iPhone/iPad” followed by “Confirm”. Enter your Apple ID password in order to authenticate and then follow any additional prompts that may appear on the screen. If all goes well, your iPhone 6 will be unlocked after a few minutes.

Another way to unlock a disabled iPhone 6 is by using iTunes. To do this, you need a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed and access to the same Wi-Fi network as the phone. Once those requirements are met, connect your phone to your computer using its USB cable and launch iTunes on your computer. Select your device from iTunes and then click on “Restore” followed by “Restore and Update” in order to erase all settings from the device as well as its passcode lock feature. After it is done restoring, set up your phone as new again in order for it to be unlocked successfully.

Finally, if neither of these methods works for you or if they are not available (such as if you don’t have an Apple ID or an active internet connection), then you may need professional help in order to unlock your device properly without risking further damage or data loss due to inappropriate handling of hardware components or software settings during attempts at unlocking it yourself without proper knowledge or expertise in such matters.

We hope this article has helped shed some light on how to unlock a disabled iPhone 6!

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Unlocking a Disabled iPhone 6 Without iTunes

If you have a disabled iPhone 6 and are looking for ways to unlock it without iTunes, there are a few methods you can use.

The first is to use the Find My iPhone feature. This will allow you to remotely erase and reset your device, freeing it from its disabled state. To do this, you must have your Apple ID and password, as well as access to either another iOS device or an internet-enabled computer. Once logged in, select the “Find My iPhone” option and then select “Erase iPhone”. This will erase all data on the device, including the passcode, and reset it back to factory settings.

The second method is to use iCloud Lock Removal Services. These services are offered by third-party companies who specialize in unlocking devices that have been locked due to a forgotten passcode or other security measures such as Touch ID or Face ID. To use this method, you must provide proof of purchase for the device and meet certain eligibility requirements set by the company providing the service. The company will then provide instructions on how to unlock your device.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always try a hardware hack such as a JTAG/Chip Off/Cable Solution which involves connecting special cables and hardware tools directly to your phone’s circuitry in order to bypass its security measures. This is considered an advanced technique and should only be attempted by those with experience in electronics repair or data recovery services.

Unlocking a Permanently Disabled iPhone

If your iPhone is permanently disabled due to too many incorrect passcode attempts, you can unlock it by erasing it and restoring the data from an iCloud backup. To do this, select All Devices at the top of, then select the device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) that is currently disabled. Click Erase iPhone/iPad, then confirm. Enter your Apple ID password to authenticate. Then follow the instructions on-screen to restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup.

Factory Resetting an iPhone Using Buttons

To factory reset your iPhone using just the buttons on your device, you will need to press and hold down the Home button and the Power button at the same time. Keep holding both buttons until the iPhone screen turns off and then turns back on again with an Apple logo. Once the Apple logo appears, release both buttons and allow your iPhone to boot up into its factory settings.

Factory Resetting a Disabled iPhone

Yes, you can factory reset a disabled iPhone. To do this, go to on a computer or another device and log in to your iCloud account (Apple ID). Then click on “Find iPhone” and select the device that has been disabled. Once you have selected the device, click “Erase iPhone”. This will reset your device back to its factory settings and remove all data from it.


The iPhone 6 is an excellent device, offering a great balance of features and performance. It has a large, high-quality display and a powerful processor, making it suitable for both everyday tasks and more demanding applications. It also offers an array of features including 4G LTE connectivity, dual cameras with improved optics, Touch ID fingerprint recognition, and much more. The long battery life ensures it will last through the day without needing to be recharged. All in all, the iPhone 6 is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable device with plenty of features to choose from.

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