How To Fix Bleeding Lcd On Your iPhone

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Are you suffering from LCD bleeding on your iPhone? It can be a frustrating issue, especially when you can’t seem to find a solution. LCD Bleed is when the backlight of your phone’s screen is showing through the display and creating a “bleeding” effect. It can make your phone look like it has been damaged, even if it hasn’t.

So what can you do to fix LCD Bleed on your iPhone? Unfortunately, there is no simple way to fix this without enlisting a qualified phone screen technician. The entire LCD will need to be replaced in order to repair the issue. However, there are some things you can do in the meantime to reduce how bad it looks.

Firstly, slightly loosen the screws at the rear of the display which can help reduce flash lighting. You should also apply black electrical tape around the edges of the display as this will help mask any bleeding effect that may be present. Additionally, reducing your screen brightness until the backlight bleeding is no longer noticeable is another temporary solution that could help improve your device’s appearance. Finally, use local dimming if available on your monitor as this will also help make any backlight bleed less visible.

if you have an iPhone with LCD Bleed then unfortunately there is no easy fix for this issue and it will require a qualified technician to repair it correctly. However, if you want to improve the appearance in the meantime then there are some solutions such as slightly loosening screws and adding electrical tape that may help reduce any visibility of backlighting bleeding on your device’s screen.

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Preventing LCD Bleeding on a Phone

The best way to stop LCD bleeding on a smartphone is to enlist the help of a qualified phone screen technician. LCD screens use something called CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tubes) to provide light for the display, and these can sometimes malfunction over time. A technician can take apart your device and inspect, clean, or replace the CCFL as needed in order to stop any bleeding issues. Depending on the severity of the issue, they may also be able to suggest other solutions such as adjusting brightness settings or replacing the LCD screen itself.

Cost of Repairing a Bleeding Phone Screen

The cost to repair a bleeding phone screen will depend on the type of device you have. For an iPhone, it can cost anywhere from $100-$400 for a professional repair. For an Android phone, the cost could range between $60-$250 depending on the make and model. It is important to note that some bleeding screens require more extensive repair than others, so the exact cost could vary. Additionally, many phone repair shops offer discounted rates or packages if multiple repairs are needed at once. It is best to contact your local repair shop for an accurate estimate.

The Impact of Bleeding on a Phone Screen

Yes, a bleeding phone screen will get worse over time. The cracks in the screen can become bigger and deeper, which causes more damage to the display of your phone. Additionally, the liquid inside the screen (often called “bleed”) can spread further, affecting other areas of the phone or causing further damage. It is important to take action as soon as possible to repair any bleeding phone screens, as it will only worsen with time. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need to replace your whole display or just have a technician fix it.

Is Screen Bleeding Covered Under Warranty?

No, screen bleeding is not covered under the standard warranty of the product. Screen bleeding is when a display panel begins to show discoloration, usually in the form of a faint white or pink halo. This type of damage is usually caused by a physical impact such as a drop or an impact on the LCD screen, and would not be covered under the warranty.


In conclusion, LCD bleeding on an iPhone is a common problem and can be caused by a range of issues such as physical damage, liquid exposure, or age. Unfortunately, there is no simple fix for LCD bleed and it requires enlisting a qualified phone screen technician to replace the entire LCD. Costs of repair can range from $100 to $300 depending on the severity of the issue. In order to prevent LCD bleed from occurring, users should ensure that their phone is properly protected from damage and liquid exposure.

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