How To Disabale Plex Home

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Plex Home is a feature of Plex that allows multiple users to access and control a Plex Media Server from different locations. This can be useful for families or groups who want to share content or for businesses who want to alow employees access to the server. However, there may be times when you want to disable Plex Home.

What Is A Plex Home?

A Plex Home is a group of users that all use Plex together. For instance, there might be a family of users (parents and children) that all use Plex on various devices connected to the same Plex Media Server in their house. The Plex Home feature is intended for people that physically live together.


How Do I Unlink Plex?

To unlink Plex from a device, sign out of your Plex account on that device. On the Devices list, locate the device in the list and click the red x on that device listing. Confirm the removal.

How Do I Remove Plex From Plex?

If you want to remove a Plex server from your computer, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Launch Plex on your computer.

2. Press the settings icon.

3. Select “Authorized Devices” at the left side.

4. Choose “Server” from the drop down menu.

5. Locate the server you wish to remove and press the red “x” in the top-right corner.

How Many Home Users Can You Have On Plex?

Plex allos for up to 15 users to be in a Plex Home. For Plex Pass users, that includes a combination of both Managed Users as well as regular Plex accounts that are invited.

Is Plex Sharing Safe?

Plex is a safe and secure way to share your media with friends and family. We have teamed up with Let’s Encrypt to provide our users with high-quality, secure certificates at no cost. You can safely and securely connect to your media no matter where you are.

Does Plex Have A Device Limit?

Plex does not have a device limit. You can stream as many things as your hardware can handle.

How Do I Remove Unavailable Items From Plex?

If you’re seeing unavailable items in your Plex Media Server, it means that the files themselves have been removed from their original location, but they still exist in your library. This can happen for a variety of reasons:

-The files were originally located on a network drive, but the drive has snce been disconnected or removed.

-The files were copied to another location and then deleted from the original location.

-The files were moved to a differet folder structure (perhaps as part of a reorganization).

To remove these unavailable items from your Plex Media Server, you can use the Empty Trash feature. This will delete the files from your library, but will not delete them from your computer.

Can I Delete My Plex Account And Start Over?

Yes, deleting your Plex account will remove all of the data and settings associated with that account. This will effectively start over your Plex Media Server from scratch.

Does Deleting Plex Library Delete Files?

When you delete a Library, Plex Media Server will delete all of the information for that Library, including any associated media files. Be very careful before deleting Libraries, as there is no way to recover data once it is gone!

How Do I Completely Remove Plex From My Mac?

First, open Plex Media and click on the “Uninstall” button.

Next, open Finder and press shift+command+G to open the “Go to Folder” window.

Type in “/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/” and hit enter.

Delete the “Plex Media Server” folder.

Type in “/Library/Preferences/” and hit enter.

Delete the “Plex Media Server.plist” file.

Type in “/Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/” and hit enter.

Delete the “Plex Media Server” folder.

How Do I Disable Plex Media Server Ubuntu?

There are a few different ways that you can disable Plex Media Server on Ubuntu. You can use the sudo snap disable command, or you can use the System Settings menu.

To disable Plex Media Server using the sudo snap disable command, open a terminal window and enter the following command:

sudo snap disable plexmediaserver

If you want to enable Plex Media Server later, you can use the fllowing command:

sudo snap enable plexmediaserver

Can Two People Watch Plex?

Plex can be used by two people to watch content at the same time. The Watch Together feature allows users to sync playback of content so that everyone is watching the same thing at the same time. This feature works with both the free Movies & TV streaming service and personal media stored in a Plex Media Server.

Do I Have To Buy Plex For Every Device?

No, you do not have to buy Plex for eery device. You can download and use Plex on any Android device with the app store you originally purchased it from with the app store account you purchased it with.

Is Plex Legal?

Yes, Plex is legal. Plex is a media player and streaming app that allows you to organize and view your personal media library. Plex is perfectly legal whenever you’re streaming from their server or whenever you upload personal media that was acquired and reproduced legally. On the other hand, the user can put illegally obtained content on their personal media server.


To disable Plex Home, you can use the Empty Trash feature. This will delete the files from your library, but will not delete them from your computer. You can also delete your Plex account to start over from scratch. Finally, you can disable Plex Media Server on Ubuntu by using the sudo snap disable command or by using the System Settings menu. As long as you are using Plex legally, it is a great tool for managing and streaming your personal media library.

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