How to Install and Use Grammarly On Safari on Your Mac

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Are you looing to enhance your writing and ensure accuracy and clarity in all your communication? Grammarly is the perfect tool to help you do just that. Grammarly is a powerful grammar checking tool that can help you improve the accuracy of your writing, whether it’s for work emails, social media posts, blog posts, or university assignments.

Grammarly can be used on a variety of dfferent browsers and platforms. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to use Grammarly on Safari. Let’s get started!

First things fist – make sure that you have the latest version of Safari installed (version 12 or newer). Once you have that set up, it’s time to install the Grammarly browser extension for Safari. You can find it in the App Store or by searching for “Grammarly for Safari” in Google.

Once it’s installed, open any website in Safari and start typing away! You shoud see a prompt from Grammarly asking if you want to activate the extension. If you want to get started quickly and easily without any fuss, click “Activate”.

Using Grammarly with Safari is easy! Whenever you type something into an online form or text box on any website using Safari, Grammarly will automatically perform a grammar check. If there are any errors or typos detected, they will be highlighted so that you can correct them right away.

You can also turn off spell checking if desired by clicking on the “Settings” icon located at the top rigt corner of your browser window. This will bring up a menu where you can access more advanced features such as customizing which types of errors are checked for (grammar errors vs spelling errors) as well as enabling/disabling other features such as auto-correcting typos.

For those who prefer to use Microsoft Word over web browsers like Safari, don’t worry – Grammarly has got you covered! You can install the add-in for Microsoft Word from the Insert menu – just search for “Grammarly for Microsoft Word” and click “Add” next to the listing for this add-in. Once installed, all your documents written in Microsoft Word will be checked automatically by Grammarly as soon as they’re saved!

Finally, if ever decide that using Grammarly isn’t something you’d like anymore then uninstalling it from Safari is quie simple – go into about:addons and select Extensions panel > select Grammarly > click Remove button > Restart now (if prompted). That’s all there is to it!

All in all, using Grammarly with Safari is an excellent way to ensure accuracy and clarity in all your written communications while also helping strengthen your writing skills along the way!

How to Install and Use Grammarly On Safari on Your Mac 1

Availability of Grammarly for Safari

Yes, Grammarly is available for Safari! The Grammarly browser extension can be downloaded and installed on Safari version 12 and newer. Once installed, Grammarly will work alongside your web browser to help you identify and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors while writing online.

how do i use grammarly on safari

Enabling Grammarly on Mac

To enable Grammarly on your Mac, open a blank Microsoft Word document and go to the Insert menu. Click Get Add-ins or Store and type “Grammarly” into the search field. Next to the listing for Grammarly for Microsoft Word, click Add. Once you do this, Grammarly will be installed and ready to use in your Word documents. You can then access features such as spelling and grammar checks, context-optimized synonyms, and othr writing suggestions. Enjoy enhanced writing capabilities with Grammarly for Microsoft Word on your Mac!

Restarting Grammarly on Safari

To restart Grammarly on Safari, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the browser extension. To do this, open your Safari browser and navigate to the ‘about:addons’ page. Select the ‘Extensions’ panel, then select ‘Grammarly’. Click the ‘Remove’ button to uninstall the extension. When prompted, click ‘Restart Now’. This will restart your browser, and all of your tabs should be saved and restored after the restart is complete. Finally, install the Grammarly extension again from the Safari Extensions Gallery or Grammarly’s website.

Why Grammarly Is Not Present in My Toolbar

Grammarly may not appear in your Microsoft Word toolbar for a few different reasons. First, it is possible that you have not yet added the Grammarly add-in to Microsoft Word. To do so, you must open the Insert menu and click Get Add-ins or Store. Enter Grammarly in the search field and press Enter. Then, click Add next to the listing for Grammarly for Microsoft Word.

Second, it is posible that you have added the add-in but it has not been enabled. To enable Grammarly, go to File > Options > Add-ins and make sure that Grammarly appears in the Active Application Add-ins list. If it does not appear here, click Go to locate and activate it.

Finally, if both of thee steps are complete but you still don’t see the Grammarly tab on your MS Word toolbar, try restarting Microsoft Word or your computer entirely. After restarting your device, open MS Word again and look for the Grammarly tab on the toolbar.

Understanding How Grammarly Works on Macs

Grammarly for Mac is a powerful writing assistant that helps you produce high-quality work in any writing environment. It works by proiding real-time feedback on grammar, spelling, and clarity as well as fluency, style, and tone.

When you open a document or start typing in any application on your Mac, Grammarly will kick into action and start scanning your text. As you type, it will analyze your text and offer suggestions to improve grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more. You can accept the suggestions or reject them if they don’t fit with your style of writing or the context of the document.

Grammarly also offers a number of other features to help improve your writing experience. It can detect plagiarism in your text to make sure you aren’t inadvertently copying someone else’s work. Additionally, it has a built-in dictionary that helps you find the right word for any situation and an algorithmic style checker that can suggest improvements to make your text sound more natural. Finally, Grammarly comes with an AI-powered automated proofreader that looks for mistakes in spelling and grammar so you can be confident in submitting perfect documents every time.

Troubleshooting Grammarly Activation Issues

It is possible that you are unable to turn on Grammarly because it is not enabled in Google Docs. In order to enable it, you need to go into the settings area of your Google account and make sure the feature is turned on. Additionally, you must have internet access for Grammarly to work properly. Lastly, some browser extensions or plugins may be incompatible with Grammarly, so you may have to reset them before usng the program.

Downloading Grammarly Add-In on Mac

Yes, you can download the Grammarly add-in on your Mac. All you need to do is visit the Grammarly website, click on ‘Get Grammarly for Mac’ and follow the instructions. You will be asked to create an account and then it will begin downloading. Once it is downloaded, open it up and start usng Grammarly’s powerful grammar and spelling checker on your documents and emails. With this add-in, you can easily identify any errors in your writing so that you can make sure your language is always accurate, clear and professional.

Using Grammarly Without Downloading

Using Grammarly without downloading is easy! All you have to do is go to the Grammarly website, create a free account or log in with your existing account, and start writing. Once you’re logged in, you can upload an existing document or start writing a new one. Grammarly will check your text for punctuation, grammar, spelling and other common mistakes. It will also suggest changes that can help make your writing clearer and more powerful. You can even customize the settings to suit your needs, such as checking for plagiarism or using American English istead of British English. Best of all, you don’t have to download anything – just type away and let Grammarly do its work!

Enabling Grammarly on an iPhone

To turn on Grammarly on your iPhone, you will need to first download the Grammarly Keyboard app from the App Store. Once the app is installed, open any app and tap on any text field to pull up the keyboard. You can then start typing and the Grammarly Keyboard will automatically provide suggestions or correct typos. If at any point you need to switch between the Grammarly Keyboard and your regular keyboard, simply tap and hold on the globe icon in the bottom left corner of your keyboard and select ‘Grammarly Keyboard’ from the list of options.

how do i use grammarly on safari


In conclusion, Grammarly is a powerful and convenient tool for improving your writing. It offers a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox; as well as a Microsoft Word add-in for Mac users. With Grammarly’s help you can easily find and fix typos, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and more. Additionally, it is easy to uninstall the Grammarly browser extension by navigating to about:addons and selecting the Extensions panel. With its ability to improve your writing quickly and easily, Grammarly is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

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