Forza Horizon 6 Release Date Announced

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Forza Horizon 6 is one of the most anticipated racing games of the year. Developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft, the game promises to deliver a thrilling, open-world racing experience.

While the exact release date for Forza Horizon 6 is not yet known, it is expected to come out in Spring 2023. The game will be available on the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, as well as the Game Pass.

Forza Horizon 6 is set to introduce a range of new features and improvements over its predecessor, Forza Horizon 5. Players can expect a larger and more diverse open-world map, with new locations and tracks to explore. The game will also include a wide selection of cars, including new and classic models from some of the world’s top manufacturers.

One of the key features of Forza Horizon 6 is its focus on player choice and customization. Players will be able to create and customize their own racing events, choosing everything from the location and track layout to the type of cars and weather conditions. This level of control allows players to tailor their experience to their own preferences and play style.

Another exciting addition to Forza Horizon 6 is the inclusion of multiplayer modes. Players will be able to compete against each other in a range of different races and challenges, both online and offline. This adds a new level of excitement and competition to the game, as players strive to become the best racer in the world.

Forza Horizon 6 promises to be an exciting and immersive racing game, with a range of new features and improvements over its predecessor. While we still have to wait until 2023 to get our hands on the game, the anticipation is already building among racing game fans around the world.

Is a Sixth Forza Horizon Game in the Works?

There will be a 6th Forza Horizon game. However, as of now, there is no official announcement from the developers or publishers regarding the release date or any other details about the game. It is expected that the game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms like the previous versions. It is also likely that the game will be available on Game Pass upon its release. Fans of the Forza Horizon series can expect more details to be revealed in the coming months.

forza horizon 6 release date

Will There Be a Forza Horizon 7?

As of now, there is no official announcement or confirmation regarding the release of Forza Horizon 7. The last game of the series, Forza Horizon 4, was released in 2018 and has since received multiple updates and expansions. However, rumors and speculations regarding the next installment of the series have been circulating online. Some sources claim that Forza Horizon 5, which was released in November 2021, is the last game of the series and there won’t be a Forza Horizon 7. On the other hand, some sources suggest that the game’s developers, Playground Games, are working on Forza Horizon 7 behind the scenes and it might be released in the future. However, until there is an official announcement, it is all just speculation and rumors.


While fans eagerly await the release of Forza Horizon 6, it seems that they will have to wait a little longer. According to recent news and leaks, the game is expected to come out in Spring 2023 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, as well as the Game Pass. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the previous games in the series, although Forza Motorsport 7 is sadly no longer available for purchase due to licensing agreements expiring. As with other Forza games before it, it is expected that the title will be delisted soon. Despite the wait, fans can rest assured that the developers will be working hard to bring them the best possible racing experience.

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