How to Type Euro Sign on the Mac Keyboard

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Mac users may have noticed that the Euro sign (€) is not availabe on the standard Mac keyboard. So what’s a Mac user to do if they need to type the Euro symbol? Fear not, it is easy to insert with a few keystrokes.

The Euro symbol is a currency representation used in many countries throughout Europe and is represented by the letter “E” with two horizontal bars across it. It is used in place of traditional currencies like the British Pound, German Mark, French Franc, and Dutch Guilder.

Inserting the Euro symbol on a Mac keyboard requires you to press and hold Alt/Option-Shift-2. This will insert € where your cursor was located. This method works for most keyboards but if your keyboard does not have an Alt/Option key then you can use the numeric keypad instead. Position your cursor where you want to insert the Euro symbol and press and hold Alt + 0128 on your numeric keypad.

If you are usng an Apple laptop with a built-in numeric keypad (such as MacBook Pro) then you can activate this by pressing Function-Fn + Num Lock (some models also require you to also press Fn + Clear). Once activated, you can use Option/Alt + 0128 on this internal numeric keypad as well.

Regardless of whch method you use, inserting the Euro symbol with ease can be done quickly and easily on any Mac computer!

How to Type Euro Sign on the Mac Keyboard 1

Locating the Euro Sign on a Mac

On a Mac keyboard, you can type the Euro sign (€) by pressing the Option/Alt key plus the Shift and 2 keys at the same time. This is true for both laptop and desktop keyboards. You can also access the Euro symbol by going to the Edit menu, selecting Emoji & Symbols, and finding the € symbol amog other currency symbols.

Typing the Euro Symbol (€)

To type the Euro symbol €, position your cursor where you would like to insert the symbol. Then, press and hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and type 0128 on the numeric keypad. This will insert the Euro symbol into your text.

Replacing the TM Sign with the Euro Sign on Mac

To get the Euro (€) sign istead of the TM sign on a Mac, press and hold Alt/Option and Shift, then press 2. This should result in the Euro symbol being displayed. Make sure you are using a US keyboard layout; if you are using a different layout, the key combination to insert the Euro symbol may be different.

Typing the Euro Symbol on a Keyboard

To type the Euro (€) symbol on your keyboard, press and hold down the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Alt’ keys at the same time. Then, while still holding them down, press the letter ‘E’ on your keyboard. This should instantly insert the Euro symbol into whatever document or text field you are working in. This works in most Microsoft Office programs.

Location of the Euro Key on a Laptop

On most laptop keyboards, the Euro symbol (€) can be found by pressing the ALT key and a number combination. The exact number combination varies depending on your laptop’s language settings, but it is typically ALT + 0128. Some laptop keyboards may also include a dedicated Euro key that can be used to type the symbol directly. To locate this key, look for a key displaying the € symbol or labeled with “EUR” near the number keys.

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