How to Close Your Rings on Apple Watch

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Are you looking for a simple and fun way to stay healthy? The Activity app on Apple Watch is the perfect solution. By taking part in the Close Your Rings Challenge, you can easily track and monitor your daily activity levels.

The challenge is simple: close your three rings – Move, Exercise, Stand – every day. Each hour you earn a stand earns you one point, so if you meet the default Stand Goal of 12 hours a day then you will have earned 12 points.

In order to close your Stand ring each hour, all you need to do is move around for a minute or two each hour. You can do this by getting up from your desk and gong for a short walk or stretch, or even just swinging your arms around while doing some other task. This will help keep your body active throughout the day and make sure that you are really getting the most out of your Apple Watch’s Activity app.

Taking part in the Close Your Rings Challenge can help increase motivation and encourage healthier habits. It’s also great for tracking progress as it will give you an idea of how much more active you need to be in order to stay fit and healthy. Plus, it’s an easy way to compete with friends and family who also have Apple Watches!

So why not join in on the Close Your Rings Challenge today? It’s an easy way to keep yourself motivated and track your progress as you work towrds improving your health. With just a few minutes of movement every hour, you’ll be well on your way to closing all three rings every day!

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Closing Your Rings: What Does It Mean?

Closing your rings is a term used to describe the goal of completing a daily activity goal set within the Activity app on Apple Watch. The app tracks your daily activity across three key areas: Move, Exercise and Stand. To close your rings for the day, you must meet each of these goals by reaching specific amounts of physical activity in each area. For example, you may need to complete 30 minutes of exercise, burn 500 calories with movement and stand for at least 12 hours throuhout the day. When all three goals have been achieved, they form a closed-ring shape which signifies that you have successfully completed your goals for the day.

The Benefits of Closing All Your Rings

You will get points for closing all your rings. Depending on the type of ring you close and your activity level, you can earn up to 600 points per day.

For example, if you close each of your exercise, stand, and move rings for the day, you would earn a total of 300 points. Additionally, if you exceed your personal calorie goal for the day (1000 calories or more), you will receive an additional 300 points. So closing all of your rings can net you up to 600 points per day.

Closing Rings on Rest Day

On a rest day, you can still close your Stand ring by getting up and moving around for at least one minute every hour. You don’t need to engage in strenuous physical activity; simply walking around your house or doing some light stretching will do the trick. Additionally, make sure to move your arms while you’re walking in order to really get those steps in and close that ring!

How Many Active Calories Should I Burn Per Day With an Apple Watch?

The amount of active calories you shold aim to burn each day with your Apple Watch will depend on your individual activity level, age, weight, job, and exercise habits. Generally speaking, a good starting point would be to aim for burning between 400-600 calories per day. This goal should be challenging but also achievable for you to maintain over time. You can adjust this goal as needed based on how well you are able to hit it and any changes in your lifestyle or habits.

Unable to Close Move Ring

If you’re having trouble closing your Move Ring, there are a few possible explanations. First, make sure you’ve set your Exercise goal correctly. You can do this by opening the Activity app on your Apple Watch and tapping “Change Goals”. If you’ve set an incorrect goal, it could be preventing you from closing the ring.

Second, check to make sure you’re achieving the minimum exercise requirement of 30 minutes a day. If you’re not meeting this requirement, you won’t be able to close your Move Ring.

Third, if you’re doing outdoor walks or runs and tracking them with GPS technology, make sure that you’re walking or running at a consistent pace for at least 20 minutes to get credit towrds your Move Ring.

Finally, if all else fails, try calibrating your watch and iPhone by opening the Health app on your device and tapping “Sources > Apple Watch > Calibrate”. This should help ensure that your Apple Watch is accurately tracking your activities and providng accurate feedback in the Activity app.


Closing your rings is a great way to foster and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It encourages you to move, exercise, and stand for 12 hours each day, providing an easy way to keep track of your daily physical activity. The Activity app on Apple Watch makes it even simpler by awarding points for every hour you meet the Stand Goal. With TikTok’s Close Your Rings Challenge, you can make it even more fun by challenging yourelf and others to close their rings each day. So get up and stay active; closing your rings can help you live a healthier lifestyle today!

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