How to Block Read Receipts on iPhone in Email

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The iPhone is an incredibly powerful and convenient device, but it's not witout its flaws. One of these issues is the ability to block read receipts in emails sent from the iPhone. If you've ever sent an from your iPhone only to have the recipient know that you've read it, then you already know what a nuisance this can be. Fortunately, there are ways to block read receipts on the iPhone so that your recipient won't be able to tell when you have read their emails.

If you're usng Apple Mail on your iPhone, then you can easily disable read receipts for any email sent from the app. To do this, open the Mail app, select “Settings” and then tap “Read Receipts.” Here, toggle off “Send Read Receipts.” Now when you send an email from Apple Mail, no one will be able to tell if or when you have viewed it.

If you use other email clients on your iPhone such as Gmail or Outlook, then blocking read receipts may require a bit more effort. With Gmail for example, open Messages and tap a conversation with the person for whom you want to disable read receipts. Tap ther profile icon at the top and then select Info icon before turning off “Send Read Receipts switch.” For Outlook users, open Settings > & Safety > Direct Messages > Uncheck “Show Read Receipts” to turn off read receipts.

Finally, if you use Apple Messages on your iPhone (it comes pre-installed as part of iOS), then messages sent through iMessage allow users to see if someone has read thir message if both parties have enabled “read receipts”. To turn this feature on or off go into Settings > Messages and enable/disable “Send Read Receipts” by flipping the switch accordingly.

Blocking read receipts on emails sent from your iPhone can help protect your privacy and prevent annoying notifications about when someone has seen your emails or messages. By follwing these simple steps outlined above, you can ensure that no one will be able to tell if or when you've viewed their emails sent via Apple Mail or other popular email clients such as Gmail and Outlook on your iPhone.

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Turning Off Read Receipts in iPhone Email

To turn off read receipts for emails on your iPhone, open the Mail app and go to Settings. Then select Accounts and choose the email account you want to adjust. Here, you will see an option for ‘Send Read Receipts' – toggle this switch to Off. This will prevent your iPhone from sending a read receipt notification for any emails sent from your selected email account.

Blocking Email Read Receipts

Yes, you can block email read receipts. To do this, you'll need to access the Gmail settings for your organization. In the Email read receipts section, select the option “Do not allow email read receipts to be sent”. This will turn off requesting and returning read receipts, meaning that users won't be able to see if and when somene has opened their emails.

Turning Off Read Receipts on Emails

To turn off read receipts on emails, go to the settings of your email client. Depending on the email service you use, look for an option related to read receipts. For example, in Gmail you would go to Settings > General and find an option to disable read receipts. In Outlook, the setting is located in Options > Mail > Tracking. Turn off this setting and save the changes to stop sending read receipts with each email you send.

Enabling Read Receipts on iPhone Email

No, it is not possible to turn on read receipts for emails sent from an iPhone. Read receipts are only available on Apple's Messages app and require both the sender and recipient to have iMessages enabled with read receipts turned on. To turn this feature on, open Settings, tap Messages, and enable Send Read Receipts by flipping the switch so it is green.


In conclusion, iPhone Email is a powerful tool that allows users to easily access their email, send and receive messages, create labels and filters, and even set up read receipt notifications. With Apple's Messages app, users can know if their recipient has read their message if both parties are using iMessage and have read receipts enabled. However, it is important to remember that enabling this feature may also give your recipient the ability to see when you have read their message as well. By folloing the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to customize your phone email settings for optimal privacy and .

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