Super Mario Bros Turns 25!

September 13, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

25 years ago on this day, Super Mario Bros saw the light of day and came out in Japan. Since then, it rose to become the world’s most famous and well-known game, a title even most non-gamers have at least heard of. Mario’s character and his sidekick Luigi have become iconic, and are seen by many as the poster children of the gaming industry.

Since then, Mario has made his way on dozens of other games and spin-off media, and has helped Nintendo gain success over the five generations of their video game consoles and other products. Mario’s success is a truly remarkable one – very few characters in the entire gaming industry have managed to stay “alive” for so many years after the release of their first title, and we can’t say we expect any of those characters to retain their popularity in the coming years as much as we’d expect it from Mario.

And before any of you rush to correct us that Mario’s first appearance was earlier than that – yes, we remember Mario Bros in 1983, but really, it was the Famicom/NES edition of Super Mario Bros that defined the character and gave him his place in our hearts.

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