A Comprehensive Review of PingPlotter Tool in 2023

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PingPlotter is a powerful network monitoring and troubleshooting solution that helps millions of internet users pinpoint the source of network problems and quickly resolve them. With PingPlotter, you can easily detect bottlenecks on your local network, monitor connections for multiple offices in one place, and quickly troubleshoot work-from-home internet issues.

PingPlotter has two versions – Standard ($39.99 for a perpetual license) and Volume discounts apply – and PingTools Network Utilities, which is free but ad-supported. The free version offers all of the same network monitoring features as PingPlotter’s Standard version. For those who need an ad-free experience, PingTools Pro offers the same functionality as the free version but without any ads.

To start using PingPlotter, you’ll first need to choose a target – this could be a website or IP address – to test your connection with. The best target will typically be the service that’s experiencing the problem – for example, if you’re having trouble watching Netflix, it’s best to test the Netflix server itself with PingPlotter.

Once you’ve chosen your target, PingPlotter will then use Traceroute technology to quickly identify any bottlenecks or latency issues between your computer and that target. You can also use PingPlotter to monitor multiple connections at once or even set up alerts so that you can be notified when something changes in your connection status.

Overall, PingPlotter is an invaluable tool for anyone dealing with internet connectivity issues or looking to get better performance out of their networks. Whether you need to monitor multiple offices simultaneously or troubleshoot home network problems quickly, this powerful software is here to help!

Using PingPlotter for Network Monitoring

PingPlotter is a powerful network monitoring and troubleshooting solution used to identify, diagnose, and solve network issues. It can be used to monitor the performance of your local network, allowing you to quickly detect potential bottlenecks and other problems. It can also be used to monitor connections between multiple offices or remote working employees, quickly resolving any internet problems they may have. PingPlotter can also be used to track latency and packet loss on any connection, helping you pinpoint exactly where the issue lies, so you can fix it fast.

Source: routerfreak.com

Cost of PingPlotter

PingPlotter has two different license options available. The first is a Standard license, which costs $24.99 for a one-year subscription or $39.99 for a perpetual license. Volume discounts are also available if you need to purchase multiple licenses at once.

Differences Between PingPlotter Free and Pro

PingPlotter free and pro are both network monitoring tools that allow you to analyze and visualize your network connection. The primary difference between the two versions is that PingPlotter Pro is a paid version of PingPlotter and does not include any ads.

PingPlotter Free includes all the same features as PingPlotter Pro, such as ping tests, traceroutes, DNS lookup, network latency testing, packet loss detection, interface monitoring, and more. However, since it is ad-supported there will be some advertisements displayed on the main window.

PingPlotter Pro includes all the same features as the free version but without ads. It also includes additional features such as data export capabilities and access to advanced support and troubleshooting services. Additionally, with PingPlotter Pro you can monitor up to 4 remote locations at once for a more comprehensive view of your network connection.

Using PingPlotter to Test Network Performance

PingPlotter is a network testing tool that helps you identify and diagnose connection issues between your computer and a target. When you run a PingPlotter test, it measures the round-trip time (RTT) of data packets sent from your computer to the target, as well as any potential errors that could be causing latency or other problems. It then produces a graph that shows how each hop in the connection affects the overall performance. This is useful for finding out where along the network path there might be an issue and allows you to diagnose and troubleshoot any potential problems.

Source: neowin.net


In conclusion, PingPlotter is a powerful network monitoring and troubleshooting tool that helps users quickly identify the source of network issues and prove whether they are the culprit. It allows users to monitor connections for multiple offices at once, as well as quickly resolve home internet problems. The free version offers all of its features with ad support, while the paid version –PingTools Pro– removes ads and offers additional features. With PingPlotter, you have a comprehensive tool that can help you identify and solve even the most complex network problems.

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