How To Find Your AirPods Using The Serial Number

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If you’ve recently misplaced your AirPods, it can be a stressful and frustrating experience. Luckily, if you’ve registered your AirPods with Apple, you can use the serial number to help find them.

To find your AirPods with their serial number, start by opening up the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. Once you’re in the app, tap on “Devices” and then select the name of your AirPods from the list of devices. You should see the location of your AirPods on a map and also have the option to play a sound to help locate them. If you don’t see your AirPods listed in the Find My app, then they may not be connected to your iCloud account or powered on.

If that’s the case, then you can still use the serial number to help find them. Start by visiting Apple’s website and signing into your account. Once signed in, enter your serial number in the “Enter Your Serial Number” field and click “Continue”. This will bring up information about your product including its current status (if it has been registered). Furthermore, if it has been registered and is powered on, you should see its approximate location on a map as well as a contact phone number for Apple Support in case you need further assistance finding it.

Using these two methods – Find My App or Serial Number – should give you a good chance of finding your lost AirPods if they are charged and powered on. However, if they are out of battery or have been reset then unfortunately there is no other way to locate them at this time.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in giving some tips for locating lost AirPods using their serial number and Apple’s Find My app!

How To Find Your AirPods Using The Serial Number 1

Tracking the Location of AirPods

Yes, you can track the location of your AirPods using the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. After opening the Find My app, tap Devices, then tap the name of your AirPods Pro. You’ll be able to see the location of your AirPods Pro and their charging case on a map. To help you find them, you can also choose one of your AirPods Pro or their charging case and tap Play Sound to hear an audible tone.

Tracking AirPods After Resetting

Unfortunately, no. Once AirPods has been reset, it is impossible to track them. Apple’s ‘Find My AirPods’ feature only works if the AirPods have not been reset – if they have been reset, all tracking information will be lost and it will not be possible to locate them. If someone has stolen or found your AirPods after they have been lost, your only hope of tracking them would be if they had not been reset.

Tracking AirPods

The AirPods that can be tracked are the 2nd generation AirPods and the AirPods Pro. These models have built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing them to be located within range of your compatible Apple device(s). To track the location of your AirPods, you can use the “Find My” App on your iPhone or iPad. With this app, you can view a map and see where your AirPods are located.

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