How to Watch the German Love Island Show

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Love Island – Heiße Flirts & wahre Liebe is a German dating reality show that has become a sensation in the country. It is based on the British series of the same name and has been running for six seasons, all of which have been presented by Jana Ina and the sixth one by Sylvie Meis.

The premise of Love Island – Heiße Flirts & wahre Liebe is straightforward: single men and women from all walks of life are brought together in a luxurious villa in Mallorca to find love. Every week, contestants are challenged to test their relationships with each other, while also forming new bonds with fellow islanders. At the end of each episode, viewers vote on who they think should stay together or break up.

The show has been met with great success in Germany, as viewers have found themselves rooting for their favorite couples and becoming invested in the drama that unfolds each week. Viewers can watch Love Island – Heiße Flirts & wahre Liebe on RTL+ (TVNOW) for free. It is also available on streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Love Island – Heiße Flirts & wahre Liebe provides an interesting look into German culture and modern dating trends in the country today. The show has become incredibly popular among young people, who appreciate its honest portrayal of romance and its lighthearted take on relationships. For this reason, Love Island – Heiße Flirts & wahre Liebe continues to be one of the most-watched shows in Germany today!

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Where to Watch German Love Island

You can watch German Love Island on RTL II by signing up for the TV Now streaming service. TV Now offers a range of subscription options, from monthly or yearly plans. After signing up, you will have access to all the episodes of Love Island Germany seasons 1 and 2, as well as the upcoming season 3. You can watch RTL II through the TV NOW app for iOS and Android devices or on your computer via the browser. You can also use Chromecast or Airplay to watch Love Island Germany on your television.

Exploring the Possibility of a German Love Island

Yes, there is a German version of Love Island. It was first aired in 2017 on RTL II and has since been broadcast every summer. The show follows the same format as the British version: a group of single people living in a villa together, trying to find love and win a cash prize. Contestants can choose to couple up or stay single in pursuit of their dream partner. Each week, new singles arrive to shake things up, and contestants must vote each other off until one couple remains to be crowned Love Island champions. The series is presented by Jana Ina for the first five seasons and Sylvie Meis for the sixth season, which premiered in May 2021.

Watching Love Island Germany for Free

In order to watch Love Island Germany for free, you can do so on RTL+ (TVNOW). This is a free streaming platform that offers full episodes of the show as well as other exclusive content to stream. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also access the content from your TV if it has the app pre-installed or with an appropriate streaming device. Once signed up, you will have access to all available episodes of Love Island Germany as well as other shows and movies that are available on the platform.

Does Netflix Offer German Shows?

Yes, Netflix does have German shows. The streaming service has invested heavily in original German content, which includes the hit series Dark, Barbarians, and local remakes of Queer Eye and Nailed It!. Other popular titles include How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), Biohackers, Dogs of Berlin, and Skylines. Additionally, Netflix has acquired the rights to distribute many classic German films such as The Lives of Others, Goodbye Lenin!, Run Lola Run, The Wave, and Downfall. It also streams some of Germany’s most beloved TV shows such as Tatort and Der Kommissar und das Meer.

Is Love Island Available on Netflix or Hulu?

No, Love Island (UK) is not currently available on Netflix. However, all 9 seasons of the OG series are available to stream on Hulu. Hulu offers both free and paid subscription plans to access their wide selection of movies, shows, and original series. With a Hulu subscription, you can watch Love Island (UK) as soon as it’s released in the UK, plus get access to all of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Can You Watch ‘Love Island’ on Netflix?

No, Love Island is not currently available to watch on Netflix. The show recently moved to CBS All Access and Hulu in the United States. However, you can watch Love Island UK on Netflix. The British version of the show features a new group of singles each season who compete for cash and love.


Love Island – Heiße Flirts & wahre Liebe has become a popular reality show across Germany, providing viewers with a unique look into the world of dating. With its bright and lively format, Love Island brings together singles from different backgrounds and encourages them to find love in a tropical atmosphere. Season 3 of Love Island is available to watch on RTL II through the TV Now streaming service, giving viewers the chance to follow the drama as it unfolds. Whether you’re looking for some light-hearted entertainment or an inspiring love story, Love Island – Heiße Flirts & wahre Liebe will have something for everyone.

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