How to Use BCC Field in Apple Mail

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Using the Bcc field in Apple Mail is a great way to keep your conversations private and secure. It allows you to provide a copy of an email to other recipients without them being aware of it. This is especially usefl when sending sensitive information, such as confidential documents or personal details, as only the sender and intended recipient will be aware of the content.

So how do you use the Bcc field on an Apple Mail account? The good news is that it’s relatively simple to set up and use. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open a new email window in the Mail application on a Mac.
2. Select View > Bcc Address Field from the menu bar to open the Bcc field if it isn’t already visible.
3. Type in the Bcc recipients’ email addresses in the Bcc field, up to a maximum of one recipient per address field.
4. Compose your message as normal, then click ‘Send’ once you’re ready for it to be sent out.

It’s also possible to view who was sent a message via Bcc after it has been sent out. To do this, simply follow these steps:
1. Launch the Mail app on your Mac computer and select Sent folder in the Mailboxes panel.
2. Open up the message that you sent with Bcc recipients, then click & 2 more link next to “Bcc:” at bottom of email window to expand this field and see all other recipients who were included in this message thread via Bcc (maximum 1 recipient per address field).
3. You can now view who was sent this message through their respective email addresses listed under “Bcc:” section at bottom of email window when expanded – if any additional recipients were added aart from yourself (or whoever else was set up as primary recipient).

Finally, if you want all emails sent via Apple Mail on your Mac computer to automatically include yourself (the sender) as one of its BCC recipients, simply follow these steps:
1 Go into Apple Mail > Preferences > Composing tab on your Mac computer and check off Automatically [Cc] myself box; then pick ‘Bcc’ from drop-down box beside it which will enable all outgoing emails sent via this account/computer pair up with self-copy being included uner ‘Bcc’ section by default – effectively keeping track/record of all messages sent from this particular account/computer combo without anyone else knowing about it unless they were specifically included within original message’s ‘To:’, ‘CC:’ or ‘BCC:’ fields beforehand (maximum 1 recipient per address field).

That’s all there is to using BCC with Apple Mail! It’s an incredibly useful feature that not only keps your conversations private but also helps keep track of any important emails that have been sent out from your account or computer pairings over time – so make sure you take advantage of its benefits today!

Sending a BCC in Apple Mail on Mac

To Bcc in Apple Mail on Mac, you will first need to open a new email window in the Mail application. Once the new window is open, you can select View > Bcc Address Field from the menu bar to open the Bcc field if it is not already visible. Then, you will simply need to type the Bcc recipients’ email addresses into that field, and they will be added as recipients on your email. Finally, when you are ready to send your message, make sure that those Bcc recipients are included in your list of recipients; this way they will remain hidden from all oher recipients!

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Limitations of BCC in Mac Mail

Yes, there is a Bcc limit in Mac Mail. You can only have one recipient in the “Bcc” field for each email you send out. You cannot add multiple recipients to the Bcc field, as this will result in each recipient receiving their own copy of the email. If you need to send an email to multiple people without them seeing each other’s addresses, you may want to consider using a mailing list instead.

Viewing BCC Recipients in Apple Mail

To see the Bcc recipients of your sent emails in Apple Mail, follow these steps:
1. Launch the Mail app.
2. In the Mailboxes panel, select the Sent folder.
3. Open the message you sent with Bcc recipients.
4. Select the arrow to the right of the ‘To’ field and select ‘Bcc Address Field’ from the drop down menu.
5. Click on ‘Show Bcc Address Field’ if it is not alreay selected, and this will display all of your Bcc recipients in a separate field beneath the To and Cc fields.

Automatically BCCing in Mac Mail

To automatically Bcc in Mac Mail, open Mail and click Mail > Preferences from the menu bar. Then, select the Composing tab and check the box for Automatically [Cc] myself. Lastly, select Bcc in the drop-down box. With this setting enabled, you will be automatically Bcc’d on any emails you send out from Mail.

Using BCC Instead of To

Yes, you can use BCC instead of “To” if you want to protect the privacy of recipients who don’t know each other. Using BCC also allows you to send an email to multiple people without them seeing each other’s email addresses. Keep in mind that when sending an impersonal or large mailing list, it is better to use BCC rather than To or Cc.

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Sending an Email with BCC to All Recipients

To BCC all recipients in an email, first compose your message as you normally would. Once you are ready to enter the recipients, click the “Bcc” option located at the top of the recipient field. This will cause a Bcc field to appear in each new message. Enter the desired email addresses into this field one at a time; continue until all of your desired recipients have been included. Please note that when using Bcc, it is important to keep all of the email addresses confidential and ensure that oter recipients cannot see them. Once you have finished adding all of your desired recipients, click send and your message will be sent with each address listed on its own Bcc line.

Consequences of Replying All to a BCC Email

If someone replies all to a BCC email, the original sender will not receive the reply. The oher BCC recipients of the original email will also not receive the reply. People who are CC’d on the original email will receive the reply, as they can see all recipients of the email. It is important to note that only people listed in the “To” field, along with any CC’d recipients, can see who is included in an email.

The Benefits of Using BCC for Mass Emails

Yes, BCC is a great option for sending out mass emails. By using BCC, all email addresses are kept hidden from the recipients of the message, meaning that their privacy is preserved and their personal information remains secure. Additionally, this prevents an overcrowded inbox due to multiple people having their emails exposed to one anoher in the To and CC fields. This also helps keep away potential spammers by hiding all email addresses from the message itself.

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Sending Mass Emails Without Showing BCC

To send a mass email without showing BCC, you can use the “Undisclosed Recipients” feature in Gmail. First, select Compose to start a new message. Then, enter “Undisclosed Recipients” followed by your own email address within angle brackets (e.g. ) in the To field. After that, select Bcc and type the email addresses of all recipients in that field. This allows you to hide any oher email addresses from being seen by the recipients and still send out your message as a mass email without showing BCC.

Setting the Default BCC

To set the default BCC in Outlook, open Auto BCC by clicking its icon in Outlook. Then, select the BCC rule you would like to use as the default from the list and click the Change rule button in the toolbar. Once you have made any necessry changes to the rule name and settings, click Ok to save your changes. The new rule will now be used as your default BCC for all outgoing emails from Outlook.

Sending an Email to Multiple Recipients Without Revealing Recipient Information

Sending an email to multiple recipients without them knowing can be done by using the “Undisclosed Recipients” option in your email client. To use this method, start by creating a new email and then entering “Undisclosed recipients” in the “To” field. After that, enter all of the email addresses you wish to send the message to in the “Bcc” field. Compose your message as usual and click ‘Send’. This will ensure that none of the recipients see each other’s emails on their end, as they will only receive a single message from you with your email address as the sender.

It is important to note that Gmail has a limitation on how many people you can send this type of email to at once (500). If you are attempting to send an email to more than 500 people, you may want to considr using a bulk email service instead. Bulk email services give you more control over how and when messages are sent out and can be used to send emails to thousands of people at once.


In conclusion, Bcc in Mail on Mac is a great way to keep your emails organized and secure. It allows you to send an email message to multiple recipients without revealing the names of the other recipients. This is especially useful for professional and sensitive emails. Additionally, Bcc also makes it easier to track replies as each recipient will receive a copy of the message with their own unique address. With these features, using Bcc in Mail on Mac is a great way to stay organized and protect the privacy of your messages.

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