How to Clean Mesh on Your AirPods

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If you own a pair of Apple AirPods, you know that the mesh on the microphone and speaker grilles can get clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris. This not only affects sound quality, but also poses a risk to your device’s sensitive components. To ensure that your AirPods continue to proide clear audio, it is important to keep their mesh clean.

Fortunately, cleaning the mesh on your AirPods is a simple process that does not require any special tools or materials. All you need is a soft-bristled brush and a dry cotton swab. To start, use the brush to gently remove dust and debris from the mesh. Don’t press too hard or you may damage the speaker diaphragm or microphone membrane. Once all of the visible dirt has been removed, dampen the cotton swab with water and use it to carefully wipe away any remaining build-up within the holes of the mesh.

For those with AirPods Pro, there is one extra step – removing and cleaning the ear tips. These can be easily removed by pulling firmly at their base where they are attached to the AirPod. Once detached, rinse each ear tip under running water (without soap or other cleaning agents) until all of the dirt has been washed away. Finally, attach each tip back onto its respective earbud before using them again.

Keeping your AirPods clean will not only improve sound quality but also help extend their lifespan significantly. With just a few minutes of effort each month, you can ensure that your device continues to provide crisp audio for years to come!

The Purpose of the Mesh on AirPods

The mesh on AirPods is a protective barrier that prevents dust, debris, and other foreign objects from reaching the sensitive components of the speaker and microphone. It helps to ensure that the sound quality of your AirPods remains as good as possible by preventing any damage that could be caused by airborne particles. Additionally, the mesh also helps to reduce wind noise when usig your AirPods outdoors.

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Replacing the Mesh in AirPods

No, unfortunately you canot replace the mesh on AirPods. The mesh covers the microphone and speaker ports, so they are an integral part of the design. If your AirPods have experienced any kind of damage or malfunction, you will need to purchase a replacement set. Apple offers replacement AirPods at a reduced price, so you don’t need to purchase an entire set if only one is damaged.

Cleaning AirPods Mesh

To clean the mesh of your AirPods, start by lightly brushing away any residue with a soft-bristled brush and then use a dry cotton swab to carefully remove any debris from the microphone and speaker meshes. For the AirPods Pro, you can also remove the ear tips and rinse them with water, but without soap or othr cleaning agents.

Removing AirPod Pro Mesh

To remove the mesh from your AirPods Pro, take a pair of tweezers or a pointed tool and insert it under the mesh. Gently pull the mesh out without damaging it. Once you have removed the mesh, use a clean cloth to wipe away any dust or debris that may have accumulated on the earbud.

The Effects of Removing the Mesh from Earbuds

If you remove the mesh from earbuds, you will increase the resonance peak located in the frequency range of 4-8 kHz. This increased resonance peak can cause a sharp and unpleasant sound in the mid-range frequencies, which can be tiring to listen to for extended periods of time. Additionally, removing the mesh may also have an effect on the overall frequency response of your earbuds, as well as their soundstage and imaging.

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The Importance of Earbud Mesh

Yes, earbud mesh is important for several reasons. Firstly, the mesh serves as a barrier to protect the inner components of the earbuds from dust and moisture. This helps to keep the sound quality clear and crisp. Secondly, the mesh helps to reduce any unnecessary sound imperfections caused by vibrating diaphragms. This ensures that you get the best sound quality possibe when using your earbuds. Finally, the mesh also provides additional comfort, as it can help to cushion your ears against any pressure or discomfort caused by prolonged use of earbuds.

Cleaning AirPods Mesh with Alcohol

Begin by wiping your AirPods Pro with a clean lint-free cloth. Then, lightly dampen the cloth in isopropyl alcohol. Next, use cotton swabs that have been dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the mesh of your AirPods Pro. Gently rub the swabs over the mesh until any gunk or dirt is removed. Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining moisture and you’re done!

Preventing AirPods from Falling Out

The most common reason your AirPods may keep falling out is because they are not clean. Dirt, oil, and other residue can accumulate on the tips of the AirPods where the speakers are located, causing them to slip from your ears. To ensure a better grip, it’s important to wipe off your AirPods with a damp cloth every once in awhile. Additionally, make sure that your AirPods are inserted correctly in your ears and that you’re using the correct size ear tips for a secure fit.


In conclusion, the mesh on AirPods helps to protect sensitive components such as the speaker diaphragm and microphone membrane from dust, debris, and other foreign objects. It cannot be replaced, so if it becomes damaged, you will need to purchase a new AirPod. To keep the mesh clean, Apple recommends using a dry cotton swab and a soft-bristled brush for regular cleaning. Additionally, for AirPods Pro, you can remove and rinse the ear tips with water withot soap or other cleaning agents.

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