How to Use Bluetooth Earbuds Live Listen with iOS 14.3

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Are you looking for a way to amplify room sound in your Bluetooth headphones? The Live Listen feature is the perfect solution for you! Live Listen is an Apple technology that lets you use your iPhone as a microphone, allowing you to hear conversations more clearly or listen to music from across the room.

Live Listen works with AirPods (all variants), AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Beats headphones, and Made-for-iPhone (MFi) certified hearing aids. This means that if you have any of these compatible devices, you can easily turn on the Live Listen feature and start listening right away.

To get started with Live Listen, all you need is an iOS or iPadOS 14.3 device and compatible Bluetooth headphones. After connecting your headphones to your device, simply go into Settings > Accessibility > Live Listen and toggle it on. You’ll then be able to hear conversations and sounds from across the room in crystal clear quality.

The benefits of using Live Listen are numerous – not only can it help with hearing conversations better than ever before, but it can also enhance audio from movies and music too. Plus, since it works with multiple devices such as AirPods and Beats headphones, you won’t have to worry about buying new ones just for this feature.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to make conversations easier to understand or amplify audio from movies or music in your Bluetooth headphones, then look no further than Apple’s Live Listen feature – it’s sure to make life easier!

How to Use Bluetooth Earbuds Live Listen with iOS 14.3 1

Can Live Listen Work With Bluetooth Headphones?

Yes, Live Listen will work with Bluetooth headphones. It uses your iPhone like a microphone to amplify room sound and send it to your connected Bluetooth headphones. You have to have the headphones connected to your device in order for the feature to be enabled.

Compatible Earbuds for Apple Live Listen

Apple Live Listen works with AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Fit Pro. All of these earbuds must be connected to an iOS or iPadOS device running iOS or iPadOS 14.3 or later in order to use Apple Live Listen.

The Benefits of Live Listen AirPods

Live Listen with AirPods is designed to help people hear better in certain situations. It works by using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as a microphone, allowing you to amplify sound from the environment and send it directly to your AirPods. This can be especially helpful in loud environments or when having conversations with someone in a different room. Live Listen also provides improved audio clarity and can be used to better understand speech.

Connecting a Compatible Audio Device for Live Listen

To connect a compatible audio device to use Live Listen, you’ll need to have an iPhone 8 or later, as well as an Apple-branded Lightning headset. Connect the headset to your iPhone, then open the Control Center and tap the Hearing icon (it looks like an ear). Tap Live Listen. This will enable your audio device to pick up sound from a distance so you can hear it better. You can then place your iPhone or another compatible device in front of whatever you want to hear and it will amplify the sound for you.


In conclusion, Live Listen is a great feature that allows users to use their iPhone as a microphone to amplify room sound in their Bluetooth headphones. It works with AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Fit Pro and MFi-certified hearing aids. To use this feature, users must have iOS or iPadOS 14.3 or later and the Bluetooth headphones need to be connected to their device. Live Listen is a great tool for anyone who wants to amplify sound in their environment without having to purchase additional hearing aids or devices.

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