Is Surfshark VPN Safe? Uncovering the Truth Behind Security and Privacy

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Are you considering using a VPN to protect your online privacy and security? Surfshark is an increasingly popular VPN service that offers strong security and great value for money. But is Surfshark safe?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the security features offered by Surfshark and answer the question of whether or not it is safe to use.

Surfshark is a popular VPN service that is based in the Netherlands. It was established in 2018 and quickly gained popularity due to its affordability and ease of use. The company has since grown rapidly and now boasts millions of users worldwide.

When it comes to security, Surfshark offers strong encryption protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPSec, and WireGuard. All of these protocols are widely considered to be secure and are regularly used by government agencies around the world.

Surfshark also uses AES-256-GCM encryption, which provides additional protection against hackers. This type of encryption is considered to be very secure and is used by many government organizations around the world. In addition to this, Surfshark also has a strict no-logs policy which means that they do not keep any records of your online activities when you are using their service.

Overall, Surfshark provides excellent security features that can help keep your data safe from prying eyes. In addition to this, they also offer a kill switch feature which will automatically disconnect you from the internet if your connection fails for any reason. This helps ensure that no one can access your data even if your connection drops or fails for some reason.

Surfshark is safe to use for both personal and business use. They provide strong encryption protocols, have a strict no-logs policy, and include additional features such as a kill switch which will help protect your data even if something goes wrong with your connection. All of these measures make Surfshark one of the most secure VPN services available today.

is surfshark safe

Is Surfshark VPN Reliable?

Yes, Surfshark VPN is trustworthy. Our top priority is making sure that our customers’ data stays secure, and we maintain a strict no-logs policy and use the latest encryption technologies. We also have independent audits conducted to verify that our security measures are up to date. Additionally, we offer various features to ensure your online privacy, such as MultiHop which allows you to connect to two different servers at once for double the protection, CleanWeb which blocks ads and trackers, and Camouflage Mode which prevents your ISP from detecting that you’re using a VPN. With all of these measures in place, you can trust that Surfshark VPN has your security covered.

Can Surfshark VPN Be Hacked?

No, Surfshark VPN cannot be hacked. This is because it uses AES 256-bit encryption, which is one of the most secure encryption standards available. It would take an extraordinarily long time (likely decades) for a hacker to break into your data using this encryption standard if it were even possible at all. This means that you can rest assured that your data is secure when using Surfshark VPN.

Leaving Surfshark On All the Time: Is It Recommended?

Yes, you should leave Surfshark on all the time. By keeping your VPN running, you can ensure that your data is encrypted and your online activities are kept private and anonymous. Your Surfshark connection will also protect you from hackers and other malicious actors who may try to access your personal information. Additionally, a VPN can be used to bypass geographical restrictions, giving you access to content that might otherwise be unavailable in your area. To maximize the protection of your data, it is best to keep Surfshark running whenever you’re online.

Does Surfshark Collect User Data?

No, Surfshark does not collect any of your data. We are based in a jurisdiction that does not require us to store or report any information about what you do online. This means none of your visited IP addresses, browsing history, session information, used bandwidth, connection time stamps, network traffic, or any other similar information is collected by Surfshark.

Does Surfshark Contain Viruses?

Surfshark does not have a virus, and it is safe to use. It is an antivirus solution and provides real-time protection against various types of threats, including trojans, worms, and others. Additionally, its included VPN has a feature called CleanWeb which blocks annoying ads and trackers so your online activities remain private. The software also includes additional security layers such as MultiHop, which allows you to connect to multiple servers at once for increased encryption and protection. All in all, Surfshark is a secure antivirus solution that will keep your device safe from potential threats.

is surfshark safe


In conclusion, Surfshark is a safe and reliable VPN for anyone looking for a secure connection online. It uses the latest security protocols, has a strict no-log policy, and utilizes the strongest encryption available on the market today. On top of that, Surfshark is legal in most countries around the world and is a trusted provider of quality VPN services. So whether you’re looking to protect your data from hackers or just want to access geo-restricted content, Surfshark offers a secure way to do it.

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