How To Trace Unknown Caller On iPhone

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Are you getting a lot of unknown calls on your iPhone? It can be frustrating and nerve-wracking, especially when the caller doesn’t leave a message. Fortunately, there are ways to identify who is calling you and even trace the phone number!

The first step to tracing an unknown caller is to use the Truecaller Share Widget. This is a tool that can be used without opening the app. All you need to do is tap on the ‘information’ button in the call log and scroll down to ‘Share Contact’. From there, tap on Truecaller and you will be able to find out who is calling you.

If this doesn’t work for you, then another option is to use *57 or *69. These codes can be used if you believe that a scammer or spammer is harassing you. Dialing *57 will get you the phone number and call information while dialing *69 will go beyond that; it will actually pass along your call information to the police.

Keep in mind that private numbers, blocked numbers, and restricted calls can usually be traced but unknown or unavailable calls are not traceable because they don’t contain enough data for a successful trace. So if this applies to your situation then it may not be possible for your iPhone to identify who is calling at all.

Tracing an unknown caller on your iPhone can be difficult but with the right tools (like Truecaller) and some creative thinking (like using *57 or *69), it can definitely be done!

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Finding an Unknown Number on an iPhone

The best way to find out an unknown number on your iPhone is to use the Truecaller Share Widget. The widget allows you to quickly and easily identify who is calling without having to open the app. All you need to do is tap the ‘information’ button in the call log, scroll down to ‘Share Contact’, and then tap Truecaller. Doing this will allow you to quickly determine who is calling from an unknown number.

Identifying an Unknown Caller

In order to find out who an unknown caller is, you have a few options. The first would be to use a reverse phone lookup service, which can be found online. This will allow you to enter the phone number and find out the owner of the number and any other associated information. You may also try *69 or *57, both of which provide call trace information when dialed from your phone. Finally, you may contact your local police department for assistance in tracing the call.

Identifying Unknown Callers on an iPhone

An unknown caller on an iPhone is a phone call from a number that Apple is unable to identify. This could be because the number is blocked, or because it’s a new or unfamiliar number. These calls are usually spam and you may not want to answer them, but if the call is important, they may leave a message on your voicemail.

Tracking Down an Unknown Caller

To get an unknown caller back, you can dial *69. When you dial *69, you will be told any registered information about the caller, such as their name and address. You will also be given the option to call them back. Press 1 to call the number once you are prompted.


In conclusion, unknown callers can be difficult to trace as they don’t contain the data necessary for a successful trace. However, if you believe that you are being harassed by a scam or spam caller, you can use *57 to get the phone number and call information. This information will then be passed along to the police for further investigation. Truecaller provides a helpful Share Widget which allows you to quickly find out who the unknown caller is without even opening the app.

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