How to Verify the Authenticity of Your Moncler Products with RFID Moncler?

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Are you looking for a way to ensure the authenticity of your Moncler products? If so, RFID Moncler is here to help!

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and it’s a technology that allows you to use radio waves to identify objects. It’s used in many industries including retail, healthcare, and even aerospace. But now, Moncler has decided to take advantage of this technology to help customers verify the authenticity of their products.

The process is simple – when you purchase a Moncler product, it will come with an RFID tag attached. This tag contains a unique code that can be scanned using either an RFID reader or a mobile device with an app that can read the code. Once the code is read, you can then visit and enter it into their verification system which will confirm whether or not your item is authentic or not.

This verification system ensures that only genuine Moncler products are being sold and keeps counterfeit items away from unsuspecting customers. Not only does this give customers peace of mind that they’re buying genuine products but it also helps protect the brand from potential damage caused by counterfeit items entering the market.

So if you’re looking for a way to ensure you’re getting an authentic Moncler product, then look no further than RFID Moncler! With its easy-to-use verification system, you can have peace of mind knowing your purchase is genuine.

How to Verify the Authenticity of Your Moncler Products with RFID Moncler? 1

The Benefits of Moncler RFID Technology

Moncler’s RFID technology uses a tiny chip embedded into each product to provide a secure and convenient way to confirm the authenticity of the item. The chip is connected to a digital code that is unique to the product, which can be accessed by visiting or scanning the QR code or NFC tag included with each product. Once accessed, users can verify the authenticity of their Moncler item in an interactive and efficient way. This technology also allows customers to receive exclusive offers and rewards through their accounts on the Moncler website.

Scanning a Moncler Jacket

To scan your Moncler jacket, follow these steps:

1. Log into the Moncler website and register for an account, if you haven’t already.

2. Select the “Scan Your Jacket” option from the menu.

3. Enter your product code into the designated field. This code is located on the inside of your jacket, typically on a small tag attached to one of the seams.

4. Click “Submit” to confirm that you are scanning your Moncler jacket and to access more information about its authenticity and warranty coverage.

5. You will receive a confirmation message once your scan is complete, and you can view this information in your account dashboard whenever you need to refer back to it.

Thank you for taking the time to ensure that your Moncler jacket is authentic!

Warranty Coverage for Moncler Products

At Moncler, we understand that customers rely on our products, and therefore we strive to provide the highest quality goods. We offer a limited warranty for some of our products to ensure customer satisfaction. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for up to one year from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or any damage caused by misuse or improper care. If you believe your product is covered by our warranty, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can help assess the issue and determine if a repair or replacement is necessary.

Does Moncler Use NFC Technology?

Yes, all Moncler products from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection and onwards will come equipped with near-field communication (NFC) tags. The NFC tags are shaped like Moncler’s logo and will be located directly on the product. By scanning the NFC tag, customers will be able to view additional information about the product, such as its features and materials used.

Activating Moncler NFC

Activating Moncler NFC is easy! First, log in or register to your Moncler account. Next, select the label you want to activate. Once you have selected the label, insert the special code that was included with your purchase. Lastly, follow any additional on-screen prompts to finish activating your product. Once you have completed all of the steps, you’re all set and ready to enjoy your new Moncler NFC item! Thank you for choosing Moncler!

Do Moncler Jackets Have QR Codes?

No, not all Moncler jackets have a QR code. While the majority of Moncler jackets produced as of fall 2016 may have a new style of QR code tag for authentication purposes, this does not necessarily mean that all Moncler jackets have one. It is possible to find older models or styles of Moncler jackets that do not feature a QR code. Additionally, counterfeiters have been known to copy these tags, so even if the jacket has a new style of tag it may not be authentic.


In conclusion, RFID Moncler is an innovative technology that offers a more interactive and effective product authentication procedure. It is designed to help protect customers from counterfeit goods by confirming the authenticity of products via code verification. By using RFID Moncler, customers can have peace of mind knowing that the products they are purchasing are genuine Moncler products. Additionally, Moncler provides a warranty on their products so customers can be sure they are getting a quality product for their money.

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