How To Turn Digital Crown To Unlock Apple Watch

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The Digital Crown is one of the most revolutionary features of the Apple Watch, allowing users to easily interact with the watch without having to use their fingers. As its name implies, the Digital Crown loos like a crown and can be used to scroll, zoom, and select items on your watch. It's a great way to keep your screen smudge-free!

But did you know that you can also use the Digital Crown to unlock and eject water from your Apple Watch? This is especially ueful if you've been swimming or in the shower while wearing your watch. With just a few simple steps, you can ensure your Apple Watch stays safe and dry.

First, make sure that your hand is completely dry before beginning. Then press and hold down the Digital Crown for about 10 seconds. You should hear a series of short vibrations and feel some moisture as it escapes from the speaker grill on the side of the watch. Keep holding until all vibrations stop and no more moisture appears. Now your Apple Watch is unlocked and ready to use!

If you want an extra layer of protection against water damage, you can also turn on Water Lock mode befre heading into water. This feature locks down all buttons on the watch so that no accidental inputs occur while swimming or showering. To enable this feature, simply open up Control Center by swiping up from bottom of the screen, then tap on the Water Lock icon (a droplet).

We hope this quick guide has helped you learn how easy it is to turn Digital Crown to unlock and eject water from your Apple Watch! Whether it's for swimming or showering, knowing how to do this will help keep your Apple Watch safe from any potential water damage.

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Turning Off Digital Crown Mode

To turn off Digital Crown mode, start by launching the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Then, select General and scroll down to Accessibility. At the top of the Accessibility page, you will see an option called Digital Crown Mode. Tap it and then tap the toggle switch to turn it off. This will disable all of the accessibility features that were enabled with a triple-click of the Digital Crown.

Unlocking the Apple Watch Using the Digital Crown

Your Apple Watch is telling you to turn the digital crown to unlock because it is in sleeping mode. When your Apple Watch is in sleeping mode, the display will be dimmed to conserve battery life and the watch will be locked. To unlock, you need to turn the digital crown so that your Apple Watch can wake up and become functional again.

Unlocking the Digital Crown

Turning the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch means that you are unlocking the device and enabling it to be used. The Digital Crown is located on the side of your Apple Watch and loos like a dial or wheel with a small button in the center. By turning this wheel, you can unlock and access features such as , notifications, and settings. The Digital Crown is also used to scroll through menus, adjust the clock settings, and control playback. When you turn the Digital Crown to unlock your Apple Watch, you will hear a sound letting you know that it has been unlocked successfully.

Once you've tapped ‘Begin Water Ejection', a series of steps will be displayed on your screen that you need to follow carefully. This process may take up to three minutes as your device plays sound files at different frequencies in order to push out any moisture that may be trapped inside.

Once the process has finished, leave your device alone for at least five hours bfore attempting to use it again so the internal components can dry out completely.


In conclusion, the Digital Crown is a great feature of the Apple Watch that allows you to easily control your watch's settings and functions. By usng a triple-click of the crown, you can turn on or off different accessibility features such as AssistiveTouch, Control Nearby Devices, Left/Right Balance, Reduce Motion, Reduce Transparency, Touch Accommodations, VoiceOver, or Zoom. Additionally, by turning the Digital Crown continuously you can unlock the watch and eject water from the speaker grill. All in all, the Digital Crown is an incredibly useful tool that makes it easier to get around and use your Apple Watch.

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