More than Half of US Teens See Friendship Bloom in Cyber Space

August 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Forging a friendship personally and in the internet world draws a line in between; the very own line that runs parallel to the ones that define the polarity in shopping and e-shopping, consultation and online consultations, and other similar affairs. Just like it has been with the internet-applications, online friend-seeking proves to be easier, even […]

Router Access and Default Passwords

January 25, 2013, By Daniel Rapcencu

You might just have a need to reset your router to its defaults.  This may happen if you router stops working, freezes or just because you have forgotten the password. The two most common methods of resetting your router are: Method 1 Power off the router. Press and hold the reset button. Power on the […]

Google Rolls Out 1 Gbps Google Fiber Service in Kansas

July 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When you want to learn something, learn it from Google. That is what the search god showed other ISPs when it rolled out its first attempt in networks at Kansas City. The onset of Google Fiber and Google Fiber TV will be a good lesson for the cable companies and network carriers who always blame […]

Linksys EA6500 is a Swiss Army Knife in the Wi-Fi Router Arena

June 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been looking for a Swiss Army Knife in the router market. No, we are not kidding!  Whenever we got a router, we always felt the need to look for some other model or accessory since nothing has given an all-out solution. Finally, we have found a Swiss Army knife in the router world […]

New broadband bonding appliance announced by Mushroom Networks

March 30, 2012, By Daniel Rapcencu

Mushroom Networks announced a new product.  Its line of Truffle broadband bonding products just received another Truffle: the Truffle with a new enhanced QOS (Quality Of Service). Don’t look for this product at your favorite Radio Shack or Fry’s Electronics store.  This device has a target audience of businesses, government agencies and data centers. The […]

Networking 101: Convergence

March 4, 2012, By George Lang

Convergence is a term used in computing to refer to a number of relatively new phenomena relating to the integration of various technologies. For our purposes in this tutorial series, we have restricted its meaning to the impending integration of home entertainment technologies with computer networks. The following graphic displays how a variety of new devices […]

Networking 101: File Sharing

February 26, 2012, By George Lang

Now that we’ve spent a few weeks getting our home network up and running, it’s time for the important stuff. Last week we began by sharing the printer. Sharing such resources for you is the real reason we have come this far and now it is going to all pay off. File sharing is probably the […]

Networking 101: Sharing a Printer

February 16, 2012, By George Lang

Last week, DeviceMAG took an unannounced break from the Networking 101 series of tutorials. We apologize for that unavoidable transgression, but we are back. The last tutorial demonstrated how to create a network of computers on the Microsoft Windows platform. Now that all of your computers are on the same network, it is time to find out exactly how the network […]

Networking 101: Tying the Network Together

February 3, 2012, By George Lang

Setting up all your computerized devices to share resources can be a bit tricky. If you recall last week’s article, we hooked all your devices to the Internet by connecting them to your Internet service provider (ISP) through a wireless router. This week we will take the fundamental steps to create a network that allows […]

Networking 101: Router Basics II

January 27, 2012, By George Lang

This week we will be connecting all the computerized devices in your home together using your new wireless router. Recall from last week’s Networking 101 article entitled Router Basics I that you have acquired many new gadgets over the holidays. You now have two desktop computers instead of one, plus a laptop, a tablet PC, three smartphones, […]

Networking 101: Router Basics I

January 20, 2012, By George Lang

So, you’ve graduated, not from high school or college, but to something really cool. It’s after the holidays and your family no longer has just one desktop computer in the house, you now have two! …plus a laptop, a tablet PC, three smartphones, a smart HDTV with a radio frequency (RF) universal remote control, and a new gaming console; and they […]

A Programmer’s Guide to Getting Hired by a Startup

January 16, 2012, By Alex Badinici

Plenty of programmers would just as soon be hired by a startup than by any established company. It’s an opportunity to help build the next Facebook, Groupon or Foursquare, rather than maintaining or improving upon someone else’s work. But there are a lot of different things to look at when you start job-hunting among startups. […]

Networking 101: Network Routing is for “You”

January 13, 2012, By George Lang

Since beginning this Networking 101 series nearly three months ago, each article has been leading either directly or indirectly to the upcoming series of articles, beginning with this week’s topic: Network Routing is for “You.” It was during the first few weeks we promised to discuss routers because routing is the key to separating computers into distinct […]

Networking 101: Networks within Networks

January 4, 2012, By George Lang

Last week we completed our discussion on Cloud computing. The Cloud is a collection of smaller networks existing within the greater network known as the Internet. We begin to realize the importance and the full potential of the computer network when we fully understand the overall picture of its architectural design. Trying to understand that bigger […]

Networking 101: A Cloud Full of Thin Clients

December 23, 2011, By George Lang

Last week we opened a can of networking worms called the Cloud. Because of its ubiquitous infiltration into techno-babble literature, and its relative hazy definition therein, we’ve decided to investigate the Cloud a bit further this week. From the perspective of the client computer (e.g., netbook, tablet, and smartphone) currently using the Cloud, we find it is quite instructive to […]

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