More Quick Combos Coming To Street Fighter X Tekken, Probably As DLC

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

Hackers have completely opened up Capcom’s latest game, Street Fighter X Tekken. We’ve seen everything from DLC characters that are already on the disc (horrible move Capcom) to new costumes for DLC and now we’re finding that there could be more content coming. In Street Fighter X Tekken, new comers to the game have the […]

Epic Games Says iPad 3 Will Have More Memory, Higher Resolution Than Xbox 360 And PS3

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

I too read that statement several times over with a raised eyebrow. At the Apple iPad press conference, Gears of War developer Epic Games revealed that their next mobile game, Infinity Blade: Dungeons on the new iPad 3 will feature an A5X quad-core processor and high resolution display. That’s a pretty powerful processor for a handheld […]

Peter Molyneux Leaves Lionhead Studios

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

One of the founders and most known members of Lionhead Studios, and the creative head for Microsoft Europe, Peter Molyneux has announced that he’s leaving those positions to join a new company called 22 Cans. Most known in the general public for his work on Fable, Moleyneux has become a household name over the years […]

New Spec Ops Missions And Multiplayer Map Coming To Modern Warfare 3 This Month

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

Modern Warfare 3’s content season is a great investment (for Xbox 360 owners). There’s no downside to continuously getting new content added each month for your respective title, and in this case, Modern Warfare 3. That content stream continues with the new Elite Content Drop DLC for March. This month, is different from past add-ons. […]

Battlefield 3 Gets Three New Expansions And Customizable Servers For Consoles

March 7, 2012, By Christian Davis

The first and only expansion pack that we’ve received for EA’s Battlefield 3 was in October with the Back to Karkland pack. It’s been five months since then and though EA promised we’d receive plenty of DLC for the title, we have yet to see or hear about any. Patience however is a virtue and Battlefield […]

New Halo 4 ViDoc Shows That 343 Industries May Make The Best Halo Game In History

March 6, 2012, By Christian Davis

Once Halo: Reach was completed, Bungie had decided to move onto new projects and intellectual properties. Though we were sad to hear about their departure, we found out during Microsoft’s Press Conference that 343 Industries was developing a brand new Halo trilogy (Halo 4 through 6). 343 has handled Halo in the past with the […]

First Look At Gameplay For Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs

March 2, 2012, By Christian Davis

What was once known as True Crime: Streets of Hong Kong at Activision, has now found a new home at Square Enix under the name of Sleeping Dogs. When the acquisition first happened, we were treated with an entertaining and gritty live action trailer. As cool as that trailer was, we didn’t get a real […]

Street Fighter X Tekken’s PS Vita Characters Coming To Consoles

March 2, 2012, By Christian Davis

The latest fighting game from Capcom pits Street Fighter’s roster against Tekken’s characters in an all our brawl for supremacy. Street Fighter X Tekken — read Street Fighter cross Tekken — came to both the major consoles and Sony’s new PS Vita handheld. Those who decided to pick up the handheld installment were rewarded with […]

Sexual Harassment And The Fighting Game Community

March 1, 2012, By Christian Davis

When it comes to jokes, I am someone who practically has no restrictions. I’ve said racist jokes at the expense of everyone, I curse and say profane phrases, and far too often have I said something without any concern for another person’s feeling. Yes, these are all said in a joking manner and tone, but […]

Blizzard Hit With Layoffs, Game Development Won’t Be Affected

February 29, 2012, By Christian Davis

Unfortunately, 600 people today lost their jobs at Blizzard entertainment. 90 percent of them were not in the game development a statement from Activision Blizzard reads. The company was quick to say that titles such as World of Warcraft will not be affected and their schedules for both developing and publishing will not see any […]

White Xbox 360 Kinect Family Bundle Announced

February 29, 2012, By Christian Davis

When it comes to any bit of tech, whether it be handhelds, phones, or consoles, I prefer to get it in white. It has a cleaner and more sleek look to it than other items in it’s respective category. So with the new white Kinect Family bundle announcement, I’m already toying with the idea of […]

GAME Will Not Be Selling Mass Effect 3 Or EA Games In General After SSX

February 29, 2012, By Christian Davis

Well, this is something you definitely don’t see every day. GAME, Europe’s game specific retailer, will not be selling anymore games published by EA after SSX. This will affect all GAME and Gamestation stores. This includes but isn’t limited to FIFA Street, Tiger Woods 13, and Sims 3 Showtime. It doesn’t take a detective to […]

Mass Effect 3 Kinect Voice Command Cheat Sheet

February 29, 2012, By Christian Davis

EA’s Mass Effect 3 is so unbelievably close to being released that we can barely hide our emotions. The first two games were fantastic and the third title seems to be the best of them all. With a variety of trailers (both CG and live action), already confirmed DLC, and an Xbox LIVE demo, Mass […]

Review: Alan Wake American Nightmare

February 27, 2012, By Christian Davis

When it comes to fear, one that terrifies anyone at any given age is the darkness. The fear of not knowing what lies within, being completely deficient of light and surrounded by nothing but loneliness is uncomfortable to even think about. When Remedy games first introduced us to Alan Wake in 2010, we were engulfed […]

Tokyo Game Show 2012 Gets Live Video Feed And e-Sports Tournament

February 27, 2012, By Christian Davis

If you’re like me, then a trip to Tokyo, Japan is definitely not in the near future. That means I (you) will miss out on a lot of new gaming culture and one of the best video game shows that our blue planet has to offer — The Tokyo Game Show. The now 22 year […]

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