Facebook Dating Might Be On Its Way; Being Tested

September 21, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We had heard a few months back that social media major Facebook was ushering in a new dating feature. Though unexpected, the news had proved to be a bit exciting. We now hear that, as a test dose, Facebook Dating is being rolled out to a select number of users.

In case the test proves worthy of it, Facebook would be rolling out the Dating feature to all of its 2.2 billion users. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

From what is known at the moment, Facebook Dating is available only in Colombia. That also means that no other region has yet come up on the social platform’s radar when it comes to launching Facebook Dating.  However, hopes are running high that the feature might come soon to other regions of the glove too. But it all depends on how the testing goes.

Sans desktop support, Facebook Dating might come unto us as a mobile app only. Considering that this is an entirely different application, you might even get to create a new unique private dating profile different from your regular profile. you’ll be creating a private dating profile that’s separate from your main Facebook page.

Facebook might be thinking of this as means to help users from getting into embarrassing situations while on a dating jaunt. The plan, we get to think, is that Facebook Dating would be so cut off from the regular page of yours so that you won’t see any of your existing friends pop up as potential matches!!

We just need to wait what all would be the aspects that Facebook would be bringing in. Look out for the test to end successfully so that you can hope to get on to a romantic social life on virtual space.

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