Tor Officially Launches Secure Browsing App for Android

September 13, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Secure browser Tor is now releasing its first ever browser for a smartphone platform. Tor, which lets you access the internet without the worry of being tracked, is now available for Android users.

Tor, which is the short for ‘The Onion Router’, is a web browser that gained attention with its privacy-oriented features. The browser let users access internet on Windows, Mac and Linux without being tracked. For this, the browser made of traffic redirection, sending the traffic through a network of relays to bring down the snooping of online activities by a third-party.

The Android version also has a tracker-blocking tool to isolate each website you visit on the browser. This will prevent advertisers from tracking you. Cookies are also automatically cleared by the browser once your browsing session is over.

As of now, Tor users will have to also use Orbot app, which is the official proxy app of the Tor project. This would only for the time being, as Tor is planning to include self-contained entity for getting connected to the Tor network without requiring a proxy. By the time that comes in, Tor will also be pulling down Orfox, another Tor-enabled browser that uses the same source code as of Tor. Tor has also been working on an encrypted messaging app. But the development was wound down recently as it never came out of beta despite being in the test run for over three years.

In addition to launching the Android version, Tor has also updated its desktop version with a bunch of new features. Those include support of new languages, a new on-boarding experience to get better accustomed with Tor network, and an easier way to bypass censorship.

Users can get the official Tor app from the Play Store. iOS users will have to wait more, as there is no word regarding the release of the app for the Apple device. However, they can still use the Onion browser that comes sans many Tor features though.

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