Samsung Likely to Bundle 5G Modem in Premium Version of S10 Plus

September 13, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has reserved the Plus version for premium features. The Plus version enjoys some upper hand over the regular version like having dual-camera setup in the case of Galaxy S9 Plus. Now with the upcoming Galaxy S10, Samsung is making things slightly more complicated.

Samsung’s next in the flagship S series will have a premium version of the already premium version, which is the Galaxy S10 Plus. The premium trait here refers to a hardware change indeed, and that’s one we are all anticipating for; the 5G support.

According to reports, Samsung will not include 5G modems in its Galaxy S10 and S10 models. Both the models will be featuring the regular 4G modems, and it will be another premium version of the S10 Plus that will feature the 5G modem.

Whether or not Samsung confines the premium trait to 5G modem alone is something that needs to be seen. We don’t have a proper reason as of why the regular Galaxy S10 Plus will be missing out on the 5G modem, despite other manufacturer gearing up to include 5G models in their flagship devices for 2019. One reason could be due to the early launch of the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Some reports have pointed out a drawback of including 5G modem in the early stage. Accordingly, the support for the next-gen communication would come at the cost of size, making devices a bit more bulky than it would be without the 5G modem. These are just reports, but it could well be a reason why Samsung prefers to roll out 5G in a separate version, keeping the sizes of the regular version of the S10 Plus intact.

Reports also suggest that the release of the 5G version would be limited to its home market in South Korea. This would be another drawback, as rivals including OnePlus, Xiaomi, and LG are all set to set the balls rolling for their 5G devices right next year.

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