Twitter to Revamp Web Interface with Data Saver and Night Mode Features

September 11, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is executing a pilot run of its new interface for the web edition among few users. The updated Twitter web interface is likely to bring in many changes including ability to bookmark pages and capabilities like data saver, night mode toggle, and more.

Additional options are being experimented in the new interface like a new compose window. Further options are also being deployed for embedding tweet. The Bookmark tabs on the web version allows user to save tweets for later use.

The desktop redesign also has the night mode toggle option for switching to dark mode when required. The data saver option will let users save data by limiting the automatic loading of images. The redesign has been enabled in the form of a Progressive Web App, which allows websites to be pinned to dock or taskbar like an app.

The Web version is not the only platform where Twitter is trying out new updates. The social networking platform has also updated its iOS version with new features, most botably the audio-only broadcast feature.

Twitter v 7.31.1 for iOS will let viewers to only listen to you and not see you through its audio broadcasts. Users can start audio broadcast by hitting the mic button available when starting a broadcast through the Live button.

The update also ushers the way events and broadcasts appear on the timeline, emphasizing on displaying the more relevant users on the top of the timeline. Additional bug fixes include the one for the issue that caused tweets to render improperly in different parts of the app. The latest version is now available for download on the App Store.

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