Google Experiments with New Commute Interface to Replace Transit and Driving Tabs

September 11, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has the habit of frequently testing out new features for Google Maps, and the latest among such attempts revolves around making the app further easier for commutation. The search giant is reportedly tweaking the appearance of its navigational app by completely replacing the Driving and Transit tabs with a new interface called Commute.

The single interface will provide users with multiple options. Tapping the option leads the user to a new interface from where users can directly use the option to navigate to home or work. The option will be available right on the title bar across the top portion.

Google Maps will deploy the route card depending upon the option selected on the bottom of the interface. Alternate route will be displayed right below the route card. Google Maps will also be smart enough to display the most used route by the user as the default route.

Despite navigation getting more streamlined, the new interface also limits the convenience for selecting alternate routes as compared to the current option. The interface also lets easier switching between driving instructions and public transit options. However, the options are currently kept hidden under the new Commute settings.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many lucky users who have got grab of the new features. It appears Google is currently testing the new features among severely closed group of users. Also, the update doesn’t seem to be part of the beta update. So we will have to wait to see if the user turns out useful for its commuting users.

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