New Leak Brings Back Five-Lens Nokia Smartphone

September 10, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Huawei had earlier proved that smartphone camera technology wasn’t supposed to get confined to two lenses on the back. The P20 Pro with its three-lens camera did an impressive job, but its statement may soon be seriously challenged by Nokia.

The reason is simple; Nokia doesn’t want to limit its camera sensors to three. Instead, the HMD-owned company is going for a massive array of five sensors in its rear face to come up with the first ever quintuple-lens smartphone.

Previous reports have already hinted about Nokia’s attempt to overhaul the sensor count. And now, new leak has appeared revealing us the design sketches and images of the device to clarify things for us. As shown in the image, the device features an array of five camera sensors on the rear accompanied by a flash. There is a vacant slot apparently on the device, which could be reserved for additional functionality of the device.

While it’s almost confirmed that Nokia is working upon smartphone with five-lens camera, we are still unsure about how they will be putting them to use. Although with the dual-cam being a standard among smartphones, the technology behind it varies across devices. Some use it for wider shots, while other use it for low light. There are also dedicated sensors for monochromatic capture and some for dedicated zoom.

Majority of the dual-cam technology makes use of image combination from the different sensors to produce more detailed output of the captured image. If the same goes with Nokia, then it would certainly be massive. It’s not a guarantee, but with five sensors arrayed, Nokia could easily dedicate one for each purpose and have them merged to produce never-before images among smartphones.

HMD has also recently acquired the PureView branding license from Microsoft, and given the direction in which the reports are heading, there is a big chance that we could once again see the PureView branding on a Nokia device.

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