Google Brings Material Design on Chrome across All Platforms

September 6, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chrome is finally getting the much-awaited material theme design across all its platforms. With version 69, Google is updating the design and interface of Chrome browser with materialistic layout across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

The change is highlighted with the new rounded omnibox that combines the search and address bar. Search results get directly displayed on the omnibox, helping users to skip new tab creation. The buttons and the entire interface has now been made round to match with the materialistic design.

Both the Android and iOS variant also features a shift in the tab view window, with Google replacing the gray background with a white one. Also, tabs are now arranged horizontally, rather than vertically, giving users a more detailed view of the tab when swiping across.

The iOS version also takes the updates a step ahead by taking the toolbar to the bottom. Google has previously experimented with the same on Android. However, the option was taken down later on, with no signs of the feature making a return.

Google has also brought the materialistic design to desktop version, with round omnibox, corners, and buttons. The omnibox now displays suggestions and addresses more spaciously, matching with the materialistic interface of the browser. There’s a new profile button on the top right portion that gives quick access to options like password management, payment methods, address management, etc. The desktop version of Chrome will also have the Picture-in-Picture mode turned on by default.

Apart from material design upgrades, Chrome 69 also adds other features like improved autofill option, bettered password management etc. The latter will let Chrome create password for its users when required. These passwords will be unique for various sites, thereby ensuring improved security to the users. New Tab page also gets new features like new shortcuts and customizable options.

Chrome 69 also features other improvement and bug fixes like improved startup time, latency, memory usage etc. The browser can be now updated to the latest version through the in-app updated, or you can head to the respective app stores to get Chrome updated to v69.

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