Kingsons Prime Solar Beam Backpack is Something You Would Want to Own

September 5, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s something we all wanted to own. Kingsons Prime’s Beam backpack will be the ideal creation for almost everyone –  be it a traveler, businessman, or student.

Basically, this daily use backpack allows you to charge your devices. The bag houses a solar panel and is promoted as the “most advanced solar power backpack” available in the market at the moment.

A demo video which showcases all the properties of the Kingsons Prime’s Beam backpack is available online, and once you watch it you will understand why we see it as a product that is gonna be a much sought after one in the near future.

The backpack comes with a 9W flexible solar panel, and is now available on Kickstarter for you to back. The crowdfunding platform is also offering early bird pledges.

News is that the product, which is expected to be priced $99 or roughly £77, will began shipping worldwide, by November 2018. Kingsons Prime, which is marketing the unique backpack, is part of Kingsons, LLC, well known for its dedicated work of 30 years in the luggage and backpack business.

Head for the official Kickstarter campaign page, and pledge your allegiance.

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