Skype Reverts to Fundamentals; Takes Down Design Complications for Retaining Simplicity

September 4, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Video calling app Skype drew rebuke recently when it decided to make things complicated. An update for the app featured various tweak in interface along with addition of new features. But unfortunately, it wasn’t well received among the users as the interface turned out to be much more complicated than before. Skype is now correcting those mistakes.

An update for the app is now getting rolled out for all versions featuring a reversal of app design. The interface has been made much simpler, close to the one we have seen before, and the design has been made navigation-friendly.

Skype’s new update focuses on fundamentals of why people use Skype to make calls. Admitting the flaws in its design changes, Skype said that there was critical need to maintain simplicity and familiarity.

As a result, the company is also shutting down the Highlight feature that followed the footsteps of Snapchat. The feature, which didn’t resonate with a majority of users as per the company blog, will let users download the contents till September 30, following which all Highlights contents will be deleted forever.

The update also brings back the classic blue theme along with easy discovery of contacts. The mobile version gets back the chats, calls and contacts buttons on the bottom, while the Capture feature has been removed completely. The light and dark themes have also been redesigned with new toned down gradients in an attempt to make the interface appear more elegant.

The latest version of Skype is now available for download for all platforms including Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, and Windows.

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