AllTrails to Keep You Connected and Safe on Your Hike

August 29, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

AllTrails, as you all know, is a website and a mobile app that provides around 50,000 hiking trails across the US for its members. A new feature, which will help hiking enthusiasts, was announced recently. The newly added feature was revealed among its Pro members.

The feature makes it easier for a member to share information about planned hikes, mountain bike rides, trail runs, and other outings. The new update offers services with which it is easy to track progress or alert search and rescue services in case of an emergency situation.

It’s been few weeks since the launch of service named the Dubbed Lifeline got established on the AllTrails website and the mobile apps. The feature enables the members to choose five of their contacts with whom they want to share their outdoor plans.

The contacts will get important information on the outing. A specially generated URL will be sent to the chosen contacts which would let them view the intended route on detailed maps, where they plan to begin and end their journey, and their estimated start and stop times. This will let the contacts know if the user is overdue and where should they go looking for the user if they get lost or stuck.

If the user’s phone has a data connection, the feature provides live GPS tracking option. When one of the chosen contacts clicks on the link provided to them, they will get to know the last known GPS location of the user on the map. With this, it will be easy to check on the movement of the user as to whether they have begun the trail or how they are close to the end of the trail and the like.

Another feature of Lifeline service is that it can send short, preset text messages to the chosen contacts providing them with the details of progress and alerting them about an emergency situation. Apart from this, the feature will automatically inform the contacts if the hiker goes overdue. This information is passed with the last known location of the user is sent when the journey is not completed in the expected time.

The Lifeline service is made available for the AllTrails Pro membership.  The membership costs $30 per year or $100 for a lifetime. By using ‘lifeline’ at checkout, a user will get a 50per cent discount on annual membership.

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